13 Mobile App Analytics Tools & Attribution Tools for App Developers: MUST KNOW


Mobile app analytics tools are the eyes of you’re your app marketing efforts. Without an app analytics tool you are completely blind as what’s going on with your app & how your app is performing with various marketing channels. You probably like to know:

  • What is the user retention of app?
  • How is your app performing?
  • Where is the user dropping off within your app?
  • How much revenue is being generated or acquisitions are happening?
  • What is the un-install rate of your app?
  • What marketing channel is performing well?

The answer to all these questions is to have a mobile app analytics or a attribution platform in place, which details out all such information so that you can enhance on the development as well as marketing channel front.

There are many such tools available in the market (some of these are free & some are paid). All these app analytics & attribution tools have their own pros & cons be it free or paid one.

Let’s have a look at all such options available & their pricing as well as their features.

List of Mobile App Analytics Tools & App Attribution Tools

1. Google App Analytics


Platforms: All
Pricing: Free of cost

When you are looking at completely free solution of app analytics then Google app analytics is one of the best tools for free in the market which is the reason it is first in the list of my post.

Google is one of the best tools to track all the parameters such as:

  • Retention
  • Cohort
  • Uninstall
  • ROI reporting
  • Event Reporting
  • Errors Reporting
  • Page views/visitors

You can check the link to have a look at the documents for implementation

2. MobileAppTracking (MAT) by Tune


Platform: iOS, Android, Windows
Pricing: It is quite costlier as compared to others. You will need to contact the Tune team for the same.
MAT by Tune is an in-app analytics as well as attribution platform and is one of the best however costlier platform. Check more about MAT by Tune.

3. Flurry App Analytics


Platform: All OS
Pricing: Free

Flurry (owned by Yahoo) is one of the oldest and most respected app analytics platforms on the market today which was taken over by Yahoo later.

Flurry also has an ad network, so you can get metrics on your ad performance and detailed user acquisition reports.

Their lightweight SDK is easy to install and you can start getting data right away. Get access to their user documentation here.

4. Adjust App Analytics


Platform: All OS
Pricing: you will need to get in touch with the team in order to have pricing details.

Adjust is an app analytics as well as attribution platform. With Adjust you will have following features:

  • Mobile attribution: Understand where your app’s users are coming from and which are your highest performing sources
  • App analytics: Segment users and analyze their behavior in real time to uncover their behavioural patterns
  • Store stats: Get the most out of your users’ feedback with Apptrace: understand your app store reviews
  • Easy campaign tracking: Find out how your ads perform across networks.
    Cohorts and KPIs for apps.
  • Understand how users travel through your funnel.
  • Multiplatform support: For phone, tablet, watch and more – if it’s an app, adjust can track it.

Work with any network: Seamless integration with any network, including Facebook and Twitter.

5. Apsalar App Analytics


Platform: All
Pricing: you will need to get in touch with the team to get pricing plans

Apsalar is an analytics as well as attribution platform with below features.

  • ATTRIBUTION: The attribution component of our mobile marketing cloud gauges marketing performance and measures in-app user behaviors for your app business. Prove the power of your marketing and user engagement efforts. Enjoy universal media coverage including Facebook, innovative features like user-level uninstall insights and outstanding reliability.
  • ANALYTICS: The analytics component of our mobile marketing cloud reveals your business health along with comprehensive user-level insights. Analyze your data and leverage advanced ecommerce insight to provide both real-time and long-term views of your business. Profile your users to learn how to attract and retain your most valuable customer relationships.
  • AUDIENCES: The unique audience segmentation component of our mobile marketing cloud empowers you to build high-performing audiences based on user characteristics and behaviors. Create real-time audiences of your most valuable users to capitalize on major business opportunities like cart abandons, new user engagement, lapsed usage and more.
  • DISTRIBUTION: The distribution component of our mobile marketing cloud synchronises high-performing user audiences to any media or technology partner. Leverage your high-value audiences to drive incremental sales and engagement. Enterprise-grade security enables you to share your audiences while protecting against first-party data leakage

6. Mixpanel App Analytics


Platform: All
Pricing: check

Mixpanel is an app analytics platform wherein you get below features:

  • MARKETING Engagement: Measure the actions that people take in your application
  • Retention: Find out if people love your app by seeing if they come back
  • Funnel: Pinpoint where & why you’re losing customers
  • Autotrack: Automatically collect everything and track anything
  • Notifications: Get your customers to come back with email or push notifications
  • People: Discover who your users are and what they do
  • A/B Testing: Find the optimal experience for your users by experimenting
  • JQL: Write powerful queriesto analyze your data

7. Kochava App Analytics


Platform: All
Pricing: You will need to get in touch with their team for pricing

Kochava is one of the highly advanced & best in the industry mobile app analytics as well as attribution tool.

To have a comparison, please check the link here to gauge the performance of Kochava.

8. Localytics App Analytics


Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows
Pricing: check for pricing

This is app analytics as well as user attribution platform.

What makes Localytics unique is the highly detailed data they gather on your app and your users. This data is seamlessly shared across our Mobile Engagement Platform, giving you the power to discover who your users are, engage those users with individualized messages, and optimize your marketing strategy – all from one easy to use dashboard.

9. Amplitude App Analytics


Platform: iOS, Android
Pricing: Free upto some limit please check
Amplitude is also an app analytics platform but but not a app attribution platform. With Amplitude analytics you have:

  • Approachable Analytics: Real-time charts and dashboards for users of all experience levels
  • Cross-Platform Tracking: View the entire user journey across web, mobile, and more
  • User Behaviour Insights: Discover the user actions that drive retention and engagement
  • Unmatched Scalability: Our customers send us billions of events every month

10. Countly App Analytics


Count.ly is an app analytics platform but an attribution platform so if you are working with multiple channels then you cant use this platform. You will have to look at either Localytics, Adjust, AppsFlyer etc.

With Countly you have:

  • Built for Mobile & Web: Learn more about your user behaviors and get insights about their in-app behavior.
  • Push Notifications: Send targeted notifications to your users to increase retention and loyalty.
  • Crash Reports: See which users are affected by crashes and exceptions, and take necessary precautions.

11. AppSee App Analytics


Platform: iOS, Android
Pricing: check
See everything your users do in your mobile app by watching video recordings of real users sessions. They capture every screen, tap, swipe and action by using an SDK integrated into your app.

Appsee records a sample of your users so you can see exactly how they experience your app. This is a great way to see which problems users encounter and what makes them complete (or not) the important processes within your app.

Appsee helps you find the most interesting recordings by applying smart filters. With Appsee’s user recordings you can understand:

– What makes users abandon the registration screen?
– How does a loyal user interact with your app?
– Why do users quit your app?

The recording process is completely transparent to the end user, and has no noticeable effect on your app’s performance.

12. Apple App Analytics

Platform: iOS
Pricing: Free

Earlier Apple did not have any analytics in place however they have now launched their analytics platform. Please Watch Video for more details.

Apple App Analytics lets you measure user engagement, marketing campaigns, and monetization for your iOS and tvOS apps. You can:

  • View key metrics, such as Impressions, Sales, and Installations.
  • Discover how users are finding your app.
  • Track and measure the performance of your marketing campaigns.
  • View user retention for your app over time.
  • Filter metrics by purchase date, territory, and more.

To start using App Analytics, you must have the Admin, Finance, or Sales role in iTunes Connect. You can access App Analytics by signing in to your iTunes Connect account. For details on measuring user engagement and acquisition, see User Acquisition Marketing with App Analytics. read more

13. Appsflyer App Analytics

Platform: Android, iOS, Windows 
Pricing: Free for organic installs, for Paid please Check 
AppsFlyer is a mobile app analytics as well as user attribution platform wherein you have below features:

  • User Acquisition Attribution: Attribute every app install to the marketing campaign and media source that drove it. Granular dashboards report which network or channel, ad type, ad group, and ad creative drove each user.
  • Retargeting Attribution: Discover which re-marketing campaigns and media sources are successfully re-engaging your users. Quantify the value of this re-engagement with in-app events to measure and improve your retargeting ROI.
  • TV Attribution: Attribute installs to your broadcast TV campaigns easily and effectively. Made even easier with WyWy, Tvty, TVSquare, Shazam and Adalyser integrations.
  • Configurable Attribution Windows: Make your data work for you with customizable, configurable attribution windows. Attribution windows are configurable per media source for both view-through and click-based attribution.
  • Marketing Insights: you get rich in app information, cost & ROI reporting, user retention reporting, cohort analysis etc.

Learn more about AppsFlyer