ADPLEXITY REVIEW – Best Mobile Ad Spying Tool


In one of the earlier posts I shared the list of top ad Spying tools for mobile as well as desktop. This post is dedicated to Adplexity Reviews which I think by far the best mobile ad spying tool. This post is for you if you are

  • Into mobile marketing and promote mobile offers or are looking to start
  • Looking for desktop offers to promote
  • Looking to spy on Native ads as what is running in on Native ads
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So you are looking to buy or start the services of tool? Well I have used the tool quite a lot & have been still using it so I thought of putting a review for Adplexity as it will be helpful for you to take a decision accordingly.

Before I move ahead with the adplexity review I would like to tell people who are not aware of the ad spying tools.

What is an Ad Spying Tool?

An ad spying tool is basically a tool which spy on various landing pages which are running various mobile campaigns on various traffic sources. You can easily check what are the top landing pages or top mobile campaigns being promoted on net. So half of the work for you to check & test mobile campaigns is done, as you would already know what is being promoted & where.

Why an Ad Spying Tool?

As mentioned above you can find offers which are well converting as well as landing pages & traffic sources (which convert well) using spy tools. There are two ways to look for top converting offers which are running in the market:

  • Manual spying: this is quite tedious task & time consuming as well
  • Using spy tool: this does the work for you & saves you a lot of time of finding offers as well as traffic source/network etc.

Although the tools are paid services however it is worth making investment into such tools which saves you a lot of time as well as keep you ahead in the market.

Adplexity Reviews

Now coming back to the adplexity review, lets have a look at adplexity as why it is best mobile ad spying tool available in the market so far. I will be talking about only the mobile part as I use only the mobile part only. I have not checked rest of the options (desktop as well as Native) as yet.


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1. Pricing

One of the best parts is that it is quite affordable that is it is only $199 per month only for mobile.

I would recommend to you to try the tool once just to have a look at the same & you will find a lot of value from it. If you are noobie then you may find it little expensive however just take a situation wherein you are starting afresh & you have $1000 to spend to start with then it ould not make sense to burn that money out in testing offers which you are not even aware of whether they convert or not. So it makes sense for you to invest in a tool which can save a lot of money testing offers and spend the money wisely.

2. What do you Get in $199

When it comes to functionality, adplexity has a lot of functions which I think you wont get anywhere else. Which is why adplexity is one of the best mobile ad spying tool available. So let’s have a look at what function or thing are available on adplexity.

There are various filters available as shown below:

Ad Type: You can see the landing pages by ad type so there are various ad types such as pop, redirect, mobile web, in-app, text etc.

Country: they cover almost 75+ counties which is huge. If you like to see landing pages in particular country, you can see that.

Connection: you can see landing pages basis the connection type such wifi or carrier. They have listed almost all the carriers in all listed countries. So if you are looking to promote carrier specific offers you can have a look at this section.

Traffic Source: you can filter out the landing page basis the traffic source, e.g. you can check what landing pages are running on or adcash or zeropark. Isn’t that cool, you not only get to see traffic source’s landing pages but you get know new traffic sources as well.

Affiliate Network: you can check which affiliate network is the offer being run from and see the landing page. You will get to know new affiliate networks as well so that’s a source of infoation for you apart from giving you the what you are looking for. You wanna check what offers are being run on affiliate network Mobvista you just select the mobvista from the list & it will show you all the landing pages, ads running for Mobvista. Upon clicking the ad or landing page you will get to see the traffic sources where it is being run. Apart from that you can even download the landing page. What else you would need from a tool J.

Days of Running: this is a slider on the left hand side which gives you an indication of success of the landing page. The longer the no. of days an ad or landing page has run it means it is giving good ROI (means profitable)

Size of Ads: You can filter out based on size of the ads being run. Just select the size of the ads and it will show you all ads of that particular size.

Tracking Tool: Using this option you can check what mobile tracker has been used from the screen shot above you can see that Voluum, iMobiTrax & Thrive are the most used tracker. It gives you an indication of importance of a mobile tracker.

Search by Keyword: You are looking for a particular landing page, e.g. you want to check landing pages for Virus related offers you just type in virus under the keyword tab on the top and you will get to see all the landing pages as well ads running on the net. You can download the landing page as well & you can see the affiliate network as well as traffic source upon clicking the landing page.

Search by Advertiser: You are looking for a particular advertiser for example Uber you just type in the word Uber in the search bar & it will give you related results.

 Search by Publisher: if you know the publisher name where the offer is running you can check that as well under this section.

Download Landing Page: You can download landing page by clicking on the landing page snippet and it will take you to the page where a link or button to download the landing page is given.

Search by Affiliate Network: If you know an affiliate network and you want to check the landing pages as well as ads running for that affiliate network you can check it here. 

3. Easy to Use UI (user interface)

They have very very simple & easy to use interface which can be browsed through easily & smoothly. Have a look at the below video which explains the complete functions that I have mentioned above. This video may be little older as they have made changes and added more functions.