AFFCELERATOR Reviews – Workshop By CharlsNGO


Let me already clear this to you that, Affcelerator reviews is neither paid nor biased towards anyone. Neither this is to defame anyone nor to praise but truly my own feelings & my own views about the Affcelerator workshop by CharlesNGO, which I attended in the month of Sep. 2016 in Singapore.

I know why you have hopped onto this post as I can feel what is going on in your mind as  I was also looking for Affcelerator workshop reviews unless I attended it & to be frank I did not get any review of the workshop apart from his own videos & stuff which he has promoted on his blog & website as well as forums. And why not, USD 10K is a hefty amount which anyone will think a hundred times before spending money so did I as I really wanted to check what the heck is so special for USD 10K. I was real unsure whether I will attend the workshop though I had booked my ticket as you could cancel it if you were unable to come.

Despite getting any real reviews I made up my mind to attend the workshop AFFCELRATOR. I wanted to check what I would get from there & also made up my mind at the worst it would be all in vain.

So let’s start digging into what is the workshop all about & my views in addition to some other people’s view who I talked to, at the event.


So the workshop as you would be aware of is for 3 days which is termed intensive workshop. Let me talk about CharlesNGO, the founder of the workshop before I hop onto workshop stuff.

About CharlesNGO: CharlesNGO, a boy aged 30+ with 5.2 feet height (approx) is a nice chap to talk to and is very intelligent of-course who is undoubtedly is one of the popular personalities when it comes to affiliate marketing. He is really knowledgeable & is best in what he is doing.

Coming back to workshop, the workshop was held at a nice five star hotel called The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, which is just near to the marina bay area.

There were around 25 to 30 students including me who attended the workshop. Most of the people were from ASIA (Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonasia, India etc.) & few 1 was from US, 1 was from Aus, 1 was from Morocco as well.

Day 1 of Workshop

Day 1 all started with a small introduction of everyone & he his basics of what he shares prior to the attending workshop which is very basic & he also has shared in his blog as well. He talks about:

  • Chinese style or building relationships (offering someone something (in terms of gift etc.) in return of benefits to you, to strengthen relationship as well)
  • Traffic Sources & verticals which I guess everyone knows about however he focused only on Native & Facebook
  • Finding offers using Spy tools such as adplexity, etc. these are paid tools which give you detailed information as where is the offer running, where it has been picked from etc. read on spy tools.
  • What sort of images/ads should be used. Samples of images shown. How to get images which work
  • Angles (an exercise on various angles & approach to the same)
  • Landing pages [hyper localization of landing page]
  • Creating text ads
  • Tracking [Voluum]
  • Basics of cloaking

My Take on day 1: He showed a systemised approach towards a campaign. What a landing page should look like what all types are there, what an image should be like, what keywords should be used in text ads in order to bring higher CTR. I only liked the systemised approach but not the content as it is available for free or you can get yourself using your research. All that stuff is already available on his blog & I already knew it so there was nothing specific or extraordinary on day 1 & I felt like I lost my money on the very first day but was in hope to recover some on days to come. 

Day 2 of Workshop

Day 2 was the optimization process which everyone in blog talks about & I have read talking about; it was again nothing special about the optimization process.

  • He talks about facebook as traffic source which is the key to success however at the cost of getting your account banned as offers which run on Facebook & make you money are run using cloaking because type of offers you run are not allowed to promote on FB so you have to have multiple FB accounts created & multiple credit cards as well as multiple VPS/VPN in order to make it. So that becomes a separate business altogether of managing all that stuff. Get your account up & running & then get it banned by running ads which are not allowed at all. Even if you manage that you are not sure whether it will work or not. You want to focus your energy on something else rather than doing all that stuff. All this was new to me however it is also available on various forums wherein people are doing such stuff of selling/buying FB account.
  • He talks about FB targeting as how to do it. This was OK for me as it was nothing very extraordinary.
  • He talks about look alike FB audience which was new to me.
  • Talks about What works on FB.

My take on Day 2: I would say it was better than the day 1 however I was not satisfied at all because of the amount I paid for the stuff. Some things were new to me on day 2 but was not any extraordinary as claimed.

Day 3 of Workshop

Finally the day 3 had come & I was expecting something which would satisfactory as I had spent USD 10K. On day 3 he talks about.

  • Mobile marketing as what is working & what not which is already available on his blog for free
  • Types of mobile traffic [nothing great]
  • Advanced Cloaking [this was something really good]. I will explain this in one of my blog posts.
  • Employess & teams
  • Some case studies from students from past events [all were his Chinese friends]
  • Some hacks of traffic sources
  • Dropshipping on aliexpress [available on one of the blogs of shopify so nothing great about that]
  • Campaign session (hot seat), people shared their campaigns & asked for help to scale. [did not see much coming on the same]
  • Shared some scripts used on Landing pages [it was good]

My take on Day 3: I would say it was better than the day 2 and I realized some amount has been recovered.


The workshop I would say was good however it is not if you compare with the costing of the workshop it was not worth it. He did not share a single campaign he runs and how does he run it. If you are paying so hefty amount I guess you have the right to have such information which will really seem genuine. He only shared some screen grabs etc. but not on live screen. Screen shots could easily be played with. I am not saying whatever he shared will work or not but after paying so much amount you have somewhat separate expectations. He only shared the systematic approach with some hacks however I was really not satisfied with the information as compared to the costing.

Who it is good for?

  • Absolute NO for a complete newbie.
  • People who have basic idea of affiliate marketing and want to cover much in less time
  • This is not for experts at all, they will feel dissatisfied [like me 🙁]
  • NO for people who are looking for something instant profitable or a magic stick.
  • You have extra money to spend & you are not bothered


I would not recommend this workshop at such high cost at all. This should not be more than USD 2000 to USD 2500. If that was the price it was real good.

If you however are looking to attend the workshop let me know, I will get you some discount which will get me some commission and discount to youJ.

You can contact me at my skype: dheeraj [dot] soni19 if you need any help or want to speak to me in person.

DISCLAIMER: There is nothing biased or against or anything personal but my own views solely.


  1. I attended the same and it was in one word “OKish”. The points where it became OKish for me were:-

    1. The content only talks about old style big CPL / CPS offers. (By big I mean bigger payouts, there is lack of any discussion on vericals I worked in –> Mobile apps, Mobile subscriptions and Branded Leadgen)

    2. All they talk about is Nutra and Skincare.

    3. The talk about optimization and how to pick offers was something that I have already been doing for ages and nothing new, so if you are an affiliate marketer who has 2-3 years experience with some profitability you wont gain much from this. Specially Day1 and Day2 are totally going to be a let down for you.

    4. Day 3 with advance cloaking is something you can make some of your money back. (But I come from an ad network background and anything to do with grey hat landing pages and cloaking seems foreign / fraud to me and I have not been able to use these. Guess its personal matter of ethics)

    5. The biggest gripe I have is support post workshop. I have tried contacting him for a wall I hit and no response, well I know he is busy but I damn paid him 10K USD for his time and as an obligation a small email reply should not hurt.

    6. Another thing that was quite apparent was his bias towards Asian and somehow this does not include Indians.

    Overall, this workshop was not of much value to me since I already knew 80% of the stuff he spoke about and may personally not dabble into the rest of 20%

    Now some of the good stuff for experienced guys:-

    1. Shopify –> Absolutely new and refreshing. This should be a good one and content is good. You are set to do more research on this yourself and get going.

    2. The confirmation that you are not doing anything wrong. All you need harder work and efforts.

    3. Networking with fellow people. But this you can also do yourself.

    4. Facebook – if you are not doing FB or just dabbling into it, you will find ways to do it better. I personally chose not to do it. But I may have written of my return on this course right there and then.

    5. Systematic Approach to actions and business as a whole.

    6. Session on productivity.

    Conclusion —> I believe the course is overpriced and maybe Charles has spoiled us with lot of content as free on his blogs and emails. This course can set you up on a faster growth only if you are relatively new to the field of affiliate marketing (6 months to 1 year). Anything 2+ years and it means you have discovered most of it already and all that is left is confirmation that you were right. Hell, no one makes money being wrong in affiliate marketing. If you have been making profits and you know how to convert offers to profits, then there is just little more to gain from here.

    One good thing that he does on Day 1 is get you to make some checklists and systematize the process. This was very much in air for me. The only point is it never occurred to me write down all the points in one place for quick referencing. So yeah, I guess that was something good.

    • very well explained Varun…I am also on the same page as you are…he is just making money for speaking the free material available on net but only thing is systematic approach that is differentiating… thanks for your genuine feedback. This should help people take a firm decision

  2. @dheerajsoni thanks man i am also form india and was really into this affcelerator stuff by reading his(charles) blogs and 10k is really huge money for such little information i totally agree with you and varun too,
    he should have shown his live campaigns and money made form some live profitable campaigns and optimizing live campaigns ,a lot have been missed intentionally by him,may be the asian biased thing is right
    also i am thankful for providing this genuine review you have saved a lot of newbie guys who could have fallen for this .

  3. Good review – honest and direct to the point.

    I followed his blog for a few years and found him a likeable nerd who walks the talk and speaks his mind. Thought he was different (what a cliche). So when I heard of his workshop I signed up immediately. But then my impression of him changed after attending his workshop.

    Having attended his workshop (and various other workshops of other so called ‘gurus’ over the past decade or so) – I can agree on all points (no need to cover it again):
    * over priced (pure greed rip-off at US$12k, it is worth max at $3k) – at least we got free stuff such as Charles branded Tshirt, mug, plastic pen, and small bag to carry it all in – to advertise his workshop for free.
    * over promised (read slick salesletter using same affiliate marketing principle to say anything to get you to convert sales on such a high ticket item)
    * under delivered (neither for newbs nor experienced, nothing specific nor post support),
    * and basically just another ‘guru’ internet marketer making a buck (on proven business of workshop / info product / coaching of parting you from your hard earned money).

    There is nothing here that’s not covered in reputable blogs / forums for free. Wished had read such a review as this before signing up. If I had know what his workshop contained, I would not have forked out such a huge amount for it – what a waste of funds – was better to put this towards other things.

    ‘Be the guru but beware the guru.’ Cannot recommend Charles workshop at all. Very disappointed.

  4. Very good review and agree with most of it.

    I attended one of his Affcelerator workshops in 2015 after being in Affiliate marketing for a few months and not having found any real success and figured it would be a good investment to get myself to the next level.

    I followed everything he taught for the next 6 months and couldnt get any success out of it. (by then i had spent so much time and money on traffic i couldnt keep going)

    The biggest beef i have with it looking back is the lack of post program support – we were told if we need any support afterwards that we can email him, i did this a few times and only ever heard back once, and that was from his assistant giving me some excuse.

    For $10K USD it was definitely not worth it.

    • Thanks Sam for your comment…I feel pity for you and infact everyone who has wasted money doing his workshop. I wish I had any such reviews earlier. it would have save mine infact many’s money.. I hope people do save from my review..

  5. Hi guys,
    Just came across the reviews here about the affceleator program. I am currently looking into attending the 2018 workshop, but think it’s expensive and wanted to see what other say. Seems like most of you are dissatisfied and did get what you wanted.

    You guys said they talk about nutra / skin care a lot. I am personally in this vertical as well. Would any of you have any more info on what they share/talk about? Is it worth paying the 12K? I have been in affiliate for 4 years. Up and down campaigns, made some money (few K profit days) but nothing consistent unfortunately.

    What also really interests me (he says he shares how you can build up a team). Is this discussed and is it any good. Or is it simple like go on freelance sites and hire good people?

    Hope you guys have a bit more info given my experience and questions.

    All the best,

    • Hi Emiel,

      He talks about NUtra/SKin promotion on FB however at the risk of your account getting banned and then creating new accounts and then getting banned and then creating new one and so on…He talks about teams which manages FB farming in order to keep your accounts running and also the credit cards (which you have to manage).

      Having said that the information isnt worth 12k at all. He is just fooling around that is what I feel. He did not show a single campaign he runs…I doubt he even run any campaign now..

  6. I’m a VP of a Saas company, where I work with Affiliates and Advertisers on a daily basis. Shoot, I can teach you the realities of affiliate marketing for much less than that, rather than hopes and dreams. Charles Ngo and others who sell affiliate courses most likely no longer do any affiliate marketing at all, and focus solely on selling their courses and seminars to noobs. When you see a young affiliate marketer with money, they are most likely doing blackhat marketing that sell free trials of nutra and skincare, then hit them monthly for a substancial amount of money. This is nothing new, and this free trial industry is going down the tubes real fast as merchant processors are becoming less likely to support it. Its getting harder and harder with FB as well, which is why affiliate marketers like Ngo start selling info and seminars rather than continue doing the blackhat stuff with FB and google. If you want to learn how to affiliate market, don’t pay somebody to teach you. You can learn it on your own or contact me, I can give you pointers.

    • hello, I am looking into getting into this affiliate marketing and drop shipping with the likes of shopify etc

      Are people actually making money from this or are the only ones making money just selling courses on it. I always thought it was strange that people were supposedly making a million a week should try so hard to sell you a 10k course giving away information for people to compete with them :/

      I would be interested in your pointers.


      • There are people making money but they are all working silently and no-one is willing to share the secrets.. Earning Labs (you can find on FB) is a genuine group of affiliate marketers where you can learn lot of things. They organise events as well..(Paid ones- but very reasonable) so you can attend those.. I guess they are planning to have one in the month of sep in Delhi and Phuket in December…. Hope this helps