Kicking Start with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Recap


I have written many post earlier in my blog where I discussed about affiliate marketing. I have thought of recapping all what I posted about affiliate marketing for beginners.

Please read post below for quick start with affiliate marketing.

  1. Online Marketing Glossary 
  2. Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  3. What are the Types of Affiliates

Reading all 3 above posts will give you basic Idea of affiliate marketing. Please follow links below to progress further.

  1. Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing
  2. What to Blog about?
  3. 50+ Blogging Ideas
  4. WordPress Vs Blogger (Comparison + Setup Guide)
  5. How Various Affiliate Programs Are Promoted
  6. Promoting your Website or Blog
  7. 23+ Ultimate Tips to Get Free Traffic to Your Website or Blog

All the above post links are enough for you to getting started with affiliate marketing.