Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 3 – Getting Started Guide?


Till now we have covered what is affiliate marketing & what are the types of affiliates. You would have a fair idea by now how affiliates earn. If you have not gone through earlier tutorials then please visit the links below.

In this tutorial I will be covering as where to start & what you need to know before starting something.

You know that you can earn using below methods in affiliate marketing.

  1. Blogging (you don’t really need to work with affiliate networks).
  2. Typical affiliate marketing (you get paid on cost per sale model).
  3. Media Buying
  4. Through Mobile Apps

Whatever method you are getting started with, you will need to follow below steps which are very basics in order to start the ball rolling. Let’s have a look at what we are talking about?

What all is needed in order to getting started with affiliate marketing (except for media buying)?

  1. You need to have a website first: unless you are media buying affiliate you will need to have a website ready so that you can start working on that. We will be talking about media buying in detail in my next posts to come.
    • What is required? You will need to purchase a domain as well as hosting space. Although this is not must if you are willing to start with blogging. However it is recommended to have a domain if you are really serious about it as a profession.
    • Where do I buy a Domain/Webhosting? Domain or web hosting can be purchased from websites like or etc.
    • How much will it cost? You can buy a domain for as low as Rs. 500 or 600 for a year & web hosting can also be purchased Rs. 100 a month.
  2. Need to join Affiliate Networks or Ad Networks: once you are ready with your website the next step is to sign up with affiliate networks or ad networks if you are a blogger. You can sign up with affiliate networks such as DGM India, Optimise, Komli, PayOOM, or Vcommission. You can sign up with Google Adsense as well (especially for bloggers).
  3. Start Working on Promoting your website: once you have your website ready & you have joined affiliate networks, the next step is to bring traffic to your website which is the most critical & most difficult part of affiliate marketing. We will be discussing this later in next other posts.

How to select the category for a website or how do you select the niche to start with?

Now you know that you need a website & you need to join a network & then start promoting your website. Is that all you need? However what about what website/blog to start with? This is one of the most crucial parts before you start a website or blog. Let me help you a little to get down to the problem & solve it.

Let’s break down it in below parts.

  1. What are the options available?
    • Start a blog: There are no. of options available if you are looking to start with blog. You can write on any topic of your choice which you think you can write on. You can write on Fashion, Travel, Technology, Shopping etc. etc.
    • Affiliate marketing using a website: with affiliate marketing using a website has a limited no. of options however once your website is ranking well or has good no. of visitors coming in then you can earn more than what you may earn through blog. The most beneficial would be to starting out a deal or coupon website as the earning are much better than any other category. Starting out a cashback website will require you a lot of bandwidth in terms of resources as well as technicalities involved. I will be covering this topic later in my blog.
    • Becoming a media buyer: if you are starting out as a media buyer there are endless opportunities for you and endless categories to work on. This will require money to be invested to start testing (at least USD 500). This will be covered later in my blog as this in itself is a huge area to cover.
    • Developing Apps: this area is also filled with endless opportunities however this will require you need to have knowledge of programming else you will need to get the app developed from someone or from freelancing websites. This will also be covered in details in posts to come.

So you have above 4 options to get into affiliate marketing or start earning money. You need to choose out of these 4. Please note that detailed analysis and how tos I will be covering in my posts to come later.

Once you have selected out as what you need to start with the next step is to choosing the category if you are writing a blog.

Points to be taken care of before starting out with a blog

  • Market research: it is wise to choose a topic which is searched frequently rather than writing on something which is not at all searched. Look for top bloggers on Google & check what they have written on. Since they are top bloggers it means they write on topics which are searched so you don’t need to re-invent the wheel but take idea from what already exists & see how you can give better than that. You will see that top categories of blogs will be mostly technology. If you are not a technology person than no need to worry about you can write on other categories such Movies, Music, Sports, Cricket, Football, Mobiles etc.
  • Trending Topics: you would like to check google trends to check what are keywords or trending stories for the past as well as current. This will give a fair idea as what you can write on. If you check, you will find top searches in various categories so you can get an idea which category you should write on. Or you can search your keywords terms as well to check the trend on the same.
  • Choose a topic you are passionate about: it always makes sense to write on something which is closer to your heart as can write much better on it as you will put in extra efforts. Having said that you need to take care of above points as well. If you are passionate about cricket then should write about cricket etc. etc.

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