6 Best CPA Affiliate Tracking Software for Affiliates

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When it comes to being a profitable in affiliate marketing it is not just the knowledge or promoting a different campaign that no one else is promoting but it is how effectively you are able to track or measure the performance of campaigns you are running. It is always advisable to use a CPA affiliate tracking software specifically for media buying affiliates as it is an eye for your campaigns.

Before I dive down into CPA affiliate tracking software, I would like to highlight what is an affiliate tracking software & why it is required by an affiliate.

What is CPA Affiliate Tracking Software & why it is required?

Let’s take an example of running a campaign on different traffic sources for example you running a campaign X on traffic sources (TS) say TS1, TS2, TS3. Now without tracking you wont be able to measure whether TS1 is profitable or TS2 or TS3? There may be possibility that your overall campaign is running in profit however TS1 is going in loss so what will you do how how will you come to know in the 1st place without proper tracking in the system.

Take another example, suppose you are running 3 banners banner 1, banner 2 & banner 3 on a single traffic source and you wish to know the performance of each banner in terms or ROI (return on investment). How will you come to know if you don’t have tracking system in place?

So you know in order to optimise a campaign affiliate tracking software is must so that you can become more profitable. Let me highlight some of the benefits of a CPA affiliate tracking software. With affiliate tracking software you can:

  • Check all data at one place
  • Have Visibility of loss profit
  • Check Traffic source wise performance
  • Check profitable creative
  • Rotate banners
  • Rotate or run multiple landers for the same campaign
  • Check carrier wise/Wi-Fi performance if you are running mobile campaigns
  • Day part your campaign basis the campaign profitability
  • Check browser wise performance
  • Check city wise performance
  • Split A/B testing
  • Do cloaking

It is clear that you can optimise a campaign in so many ways.

Now lets talk about what affiliate tracking software are available in the market & which is best for you when it comes to performance.

List of Best Affiliate Tracking Software

A Quick Affiliate Tracking Software Comparison







Starting Cost Free Paid Free Paid Paid Paid
Hosting Cost (monthly) 0 0 $50+ $50+ $25+ $50+
Monthly Plan Cost Starting $99 $ 297 0 $ 297 $25+ $170
Hosted Yes Yes NO NO Yes NO
Team of Server Engineers Yes Yes NO NO Yes NO
Actively Developed Yes Yes NO NO Yes NO
Zeropark Integration Yes Yes NO NO NO NO
Other Traffic Sources Integration Yes Yes Partial Partial Partial Partial
APIs Yes Yes NO NO Yes NO
MultiUser Support Yes Yes NO NO NO NO
World Wide Sever Locations Yes Yes NO NO NO NO
Max Click Volume per day Unlimited Unlimited 700K 700K 5 million 1 Million



I have been using Voluum since last 2 years & it has been proved to be best in terms of performance as well as costing. In addition they have very active support team & they keep on developing/adding new features in the software so I will recommend you Voluum. I have written a post for Voluum review as well. Do read the same & you will come to know the difference.