How to Get Started with Selling on Amazon –  A Pro Approach?


If you are looking to start a business for online selling or you are a seller already then you have come to the right place as I will be writing about “How to get started with selling online on Amazon?” This post is for your if you are:

  • Looking for ways to start an online business.
  • Looking to start a business of selling online on Amazon.
  • Already a seller however you don’t know how to start selling on Amazon?
  • A seller, however not able to make most out of it.
  • Looking to start a new product line which is selling online.

So if the the answer to any of the above mentioned is YES then you can go ahead reading this article.

Getting Start With Amazon Selling – Video Guide

Now the question comes as why Amazon, why not other websites?

Benefits of Selling on

You probably would know the answer to this question as why Amazon, to start selling online when there are lot of other option available. if you don’t know the answer then let me just through some light on it.

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping websites and it is having global presence. You can sell anything from a needle to a toy to fashion products or anything that you may not have even imagined about. Please see below the user stats of people visiting on

From the screen grab you can see that Amazon has 2.6 Billion users coming every month. This is like Mammoth and you can imagine the kind of exposure you will have if you start selling online.

Apart from that there are many other benefits as which will make you think as why should not sell on Amazon? Please have a look at the screen shot below for the benefits you will have as Amazon seller.

How to Start Selling on Amazon – STEPS GUIDE?

Selling on Amazon is as simple as creating an account on Gmail. There is no technical things required. It is like creating an account with your details, uploading the products details and start selling. That’s it. So step by step, it will go like this.

Step Description
Step 1:

Set up your store on Amazon


–       Register and list your products on Amazon through easy-to-use listing tools.

–       The network of professional service providers can help you create a high quality catalogue

–       You have the option of advertising your products using Amazon Sponsored Products to get more reach of your products. You will be charged for any click generated out of the display. This is a good option and you can explore this option and gauge the performance of your ad campaign.

Step 2:

Receive Orders from customers

–       You are done and you are ready to receive order from customers.

–       You can view the order details under you order management dashboard.

Step 3:

Amazon Delivers your Order

–       Your account comes enabled with Amazon Easy Ship which means Amazon pick products from you and deliver it straight to the customer.

–       Optionally you can upgrade to Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA): you can store your inventory with Amazon fulfillment centers and they will pick and ship products to customers directly.

–       You can go with FBA [Fulfilled by Amazon], option wherein all the logistics of the products will be handled by Amazon so you don’t have to worry about the sending orders to the customer. This is the easiest way you can get started with Amazon.

–       You will not be burdened with the logistics thing and you can focus on your business only.

Step 4:

Grow Your Business

–       You are done and you will now have access to their 24×7 customer support. You will receive regular updates and account performance review stuff so you can grow your business.

–       You can also sell your products international with Amazon.

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How to Grow Your Business with Amazon?

If you already have products which you are selling it is good however if you are looking to explore more products or you are starting from the scratch, then you will either have to do a lot of research and then make it happen to be successful with it. The research part is not that easy and you can not just go with the product which are selling well in the market as you may end up losing out on time as well as money. So there is not scope of doing a guesswork here.

So, how do you overcome this guesswork?

If you really want to make selling on Amazon a successful business, then you need to have products which are selling or trending online and you need to keep updating your catalogue on regular basis in order to be competitive with your product offerings.

Have you ever heard about any software, that does the work easy for you?

If the answer to the question is NO, then this is worth read further. I am talking about few of the software which you can take advantages of in order to remove the guesswork out of the business to be a success. Below are two software which are really helpful and many of the sellers are using these software to make a success on Amazon:

I will be writing about above these products separately in my coming post however just to summarize as what these products do?

Whether you’re a first-time seller or a seasoned pro, JungleScout can help you filter Amazon’s entire database and find ideas – fast – giving you more time to start or scale your business. I wont be discussing more about JungleScout in this post however I will talk more on the same in one of my next posts to come.

Jungle Scout Web App

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

AmzScout is also similar to the JungleScout with some different features. I wont be explaining about the same in this post as this will be out of scope. I will discuss this in one of my next posts to come.