How to Make Money with PPV Marketing?


As the title of the post suggests How to Make Money with PPV Marketing so I will continue with elaborating more on making money with PPV marketing as I  discussed in my last post I talked about the basics of PPV marketing as what is PPV marketing is all about and where you can buy such traffic etc. If you have not gone through the post I would suggest you to go through you the post. Please follow the link below:

To carry forward from the same post I will be discussing as how you can make money with PPV marketing.

What you will need in order to know How to Make Money with PPV Marketing?

Some of these I have already discussed in one of my posts earlier so I won’t be repeating the same. I would suggest you to please go through the post below for more information on the same.

  1. Money (please refer above post)
  2. Tracker (please refer above post)
  3. VPS Hosting (please refer above post)
  4. CDN or Content Delivery Network (please refer above post)
  5. Offers or CPA affiliate networks

Since PPV is now allowed by all networks so you can’t promote campaigns from just any network. I will give a list below which is a clear NO to touch for PPV traffic (when you are doing direct linking to offers).

NO for PPV Traffic

  • CommmissionJunction
  • TradeDoubler
  • Rakuten (Linkshare)
  • Shareasale
  • AffiliateWindow

Apart from above affiliate networks you can run campaigns with just any network.

What Kind of Offers do work on PPV Traffic?

Although all sorts of offers may work on PPV traffic however below category of offers really do work well.

  • E-commerce offers (without any landing page, direct linking: in such case you will not need CDN, Tracker, or a VPS)
  • Dating offers (with landing page)
  • PayDay loans (with landing page)
  • PCClearner Offers
  • Surveys
  • Sweepstakes
  • Biz Op offers (work from home sort of offers)
  • Weight Loss Offers
  • Gambling offers

NOTE: please note that PPV traffic is mostly for desktop only so most of the traffic sources provide only desktop traffic (except 50OnRed) so you can only run offers specific to desktops.

Where to Pick Offers from for PPV Traffic?

Below are some of the top networks who do not have any apprehensions with PPV traffic?

  • MaxBounty
  • GlobalWideMedia
  • ClickDealer
  • Peerfly

Apart from that there are many other networks where you can try your luck with PPV marketing.

Note: If you wish to know where to pick offers from or what sort of offers do work well on PPV then you can use PPV spy tools as well. I talked about various spying tools in my last post as well so you can check the link below for the same. You can use Boxofads Spy Tool for the same. Please check the link below to know more:

  1. PPV Traffic Sources

ppv-traffic-sources-networksYou are almost closer to know “How to Make Money with PPV Marketing”. So till now you have an idea what it would take to get started with PPV marketing. The last thing pending is PPV traffic sources or PPV networks where you will have to purchase traffic from. Although I covered this in my last however I will re-summarize the same here. Below is the list of PPV traffic sources where you can buy traffic from.

  • TrafficVance (now propelmedia) – Initial deposit required is USD 1000 (the quality of the traffic is best). They have traffic in US (majorly) however cover some of the European countries as well as Singapore & India. They only have desktop traffic. You cannot run adult or with permission from them. I run e-commerce campaigns on trafficvance with no landing page.
  • 50ONRed – Initial deposit required is USD 500 (the quality of traffic is Good). They have traffic almost for every country. They have traffic for mobile as well as desktop so you can run mobile campaigns as well as desktop campaigns. I run campaigns for ecommerce as well as mobile CPI for with & without landing pages. They have adult traffic as well so you can filter out the traffic for adult as well.
  • LeadImpact: Initial deposit required is USD 200 (the quality of traffic is little less than trafficvance traffic). They have traffic majorly for US & some European countries & little bit in India as well. They have traffic for desktop only so you can run desktop campaigns only. The problem with leadimpact is that they don’t allow self URL targeting (bidding on the same domain URL where you are sending traffic) which is why it does not prove to be a good traffic source. You can run CPL campaigns with landing page.
  • MediaTraffic: MediaTraffic is completely US centered only for desktop traffic. I have not run with them so I am not sure about their traffic quality, however you can do URL as well as keyword targeting. There initial deposit is also around USD 500.
  • DirectCPV: I have not used it personally however heard that their traffic quality is not that great however you can do URL as well as keyword targeting. They are also centered towards US traffic only for desktop. They don’t seem to be taking new signups as of now.
  • AdOnNetwork: I have not used it personally however I have heard they have good traffic quality. They don’t have any sign up form online. You will have to contact them personally in order to get started with them. They are also US centered traffic network for desktop only. 

You may wish to check a List of other traffic Sources as well below:

My Take: I would suggest you to start off with TrafficVance & 50OnRed as they have good quality traffic & their signup process is also quite simple. For trafficVance you may have to contact them personally as well in order to get approved.

Special Note: In order to run with PPV networks the only thing you have take care about the targeting which you will be bidding on. You will have two options of bidding.

  1. Keywords Bidding: When you are promoting e-commerce shopping campaigns you just need to have brand name keywords & the competitors’ keywords to bid as these are more converting keywords so you will have better ROI (return on investment). If you are running anything apart from e-commerce there you will have to use landing pages, in such case keywords selection becomes very crucial so you have use tools like keyword scraper or Google keyword tool to find keywords. I will be talking that in a separate post.
  2. URL Bidding: when you are running campaigns on trafficVance then you will have list of options automatically from TrafficVance. If you are promoting E-commerce campaigns then you should use only website variations for example you are promoting, you can use, amazon com, & various internal URLs however these all will be suggested by TrafficVance. Please note that you can’t promote amazon campaign on PPV else you will be banned permanently by amazon team J. 


PPV is a very easy way to earn money, being easy it is also a competitive market so you will have to keep researching for new offers to promote in order to stay in the industry. You will have now fairer Idea as what it takes to start with PPV and how you can make money with PPV marketing. Just to summarize in few steps below:

  1. SignUp with a few affiliate networks (1 or 2 will be sufficient)
  2. Select few offers which are potential ones [you can use spy tool or ask your affiliate manager]
  3. If you are low on money you can initially skip VPS or CDN [in case you are doing it through Landing Pages]
  4. Design your landing pages & host them on your hosting server [take either VPS or any shared hosting (though not recommended) . If you are doing direct linking then this step can be skipped.
  5. Set your offers on tracker (thrive or Voluum). If you direct linking offers you can skip this step.
  6. Signup with any of the traffic sources (TrafficVance or 50ONRed to start). if you are low on budget try with 50OnRed
  7. Setup your campaigns with setting keywords & domains to bid on.
  8. Track performance through tracker, if not using then through reports from affiliate networks.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Let me know if you have feedback on the same. I will be more than happy to assist you on the same.