How to Recruit Affiliates – Top 15 Proven Ways?


If you are burdened with pressure of How to Recruit Affiliates or How to Find Potential Affiliates, then this post is for you. This post is for all the affiliate managers or affiliate executives who are working either for affiliate networks or are directly working with advertisers. Irrespective of the same I am sharing, as per my experience, the top 15 ways to recruit affiliates.

NOTE: this approach is mostly for CPA (cost per sale) affiliate networks/programs.

Since affiliate marketing has become quite a competitive marketplace and more than that it has really become harder to find good affiliates to promote your products so it becomes really important for you to leave no place untouched where you can find or recruit affiliates.

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I look at affiliate recruitment approach in two ways:

You looking for affiliates

This is the most common practice. This is more of a research work wherein you have to do a lot of research in order to recruit the potential affiliates. Let’s look at various ways you can follow to find your love J I mean affiliates.

1. Google

google-affiliate-recruitmentThis is one of the oldest & mostly used methods. It may get you the most targeted affiliate sites list. Let’s take an example; I am looking to recruit affiliates for My first priority of keywords will always be brand keywords, brand + Coupons/Discounts/Promo Codes etc. & then products keywords (which sell most on amazon) as these are the highly converting keywords. Then I will shortlist the keywords as under.

Category 1 Keywords

  • Amazon
  • Amazon Coupons/Discount Coupons/Promo Codes/Promotional Codes/Deal/Offers etc.
  • Amazon + any product (e.g. Mobiles)
  • Amazon + any brand (e.g. Samsung)

Category 2 Keywords

  • Product keywords which amazon sells [e.g. mobiles, cameras etc.]
  • Product Brand keywords which Amazon sells (e.g. Samsung, nokia etc.]
  • Product Brand Keywords + Product Keywords [e.g. Samsung galaxy note 3, or Samsung mobiles etc.]

Category 3 Keywords

  • Repeat the process using category 1 keywords replacing amazon with it’s competitor [e.g. ebay]

There will appear a no. of websites which turns out be your potential affiliates.

Note: There will be few Google keywords suggestions popping as well so you can use these keywords as well.

2. Linkedin

linkedin-recruitmentLinkedin is another place where you can find your potential affiliates. You can join various groups already created on linkedin. Some of the groups are open to everyone however some groups are closed ones so that only quality people are joined. In such case you can request the group admin to approve you for the same. Once you have joined these groups then you can start sharing your message across or you may comment on various discussions already going in on.

Tip: Try to make your message clear as well as lucrative. Highlight the program or affiliate network’s key strong points as why anyone would be interested to join.

3. Facebook Community Pages

facebook-affiliate-recruitmentThis is not used by many to recruit affiliates however it one of the great places to find affiliates. All you need to join such groups. You just search for groups related to affiliate marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO, Performance marketing, or try out an affiliate network’s page as well. Once you have joined you can either post your message (don’t try it on affiliate network’s page) or see around what people are posting in. You could possibly find a potential affiliate out there.

4. Spying on Competitor or Using Tools

Similarweb-referralsTools are a great way to find potential affiliates in very less time. Similarweb is one such tool which I have used personally (for affiliate recruitment) & have been using not for finding affiliates but lot of other valuable information. I wrote a post on the same so you would want to check the same.

Finding Affiliate Using Spy Tool – SimilarWeb

NOTE: This is really an ultimate tool to find affiliates (real potential ones, you wont find anywhere)

5. Conferences

Conferences are a great place to find the potential affiliates as well as building relationship with your existing ones. You need to check if there is any conference related to your business is coming in. You just google for affiliate summits, affiliate conference etc.

TIP: If you have a booth in such conferences it really would make sense for you else you may not find many affiliates as you cant know which person is an affiliate. 

6. Affiliate Forums (Fish where the fishes are)

Affiliate forums are a great place where you can find really potential affiliates. There is a no. of active affiliate forums which you can signup with and create your profile & start propagating your message across the community. Some of the top forums I would suggest you are,,,

TIP: You can advertise or tie up with the Forum owner & offer some bonus or referral fees etc.

7. Check Your emails

(Promotional mailers sent to you other than the brand or advertisers] you would probably ignore some promotional emails however that could be your potential affiliate if you are looking one to get leads campaign promoted. You can find good email marketer from such emails. Just look at where the email came in from & find who-is data of the domain is or Google that domain. You need to have a research oriented approach here.

Affiliates Looking for You

This is not very common however if you don’t have any affiliate program or any affiliate network in any country then it becomes really important for you to consider this part. You will have to be present at all places where affiliates may be present so let’s take a look where affiliate may try to find an affiliate program.

1. Search on Google

If an affiliate is willing to join any affiliate network or any affiliate program then it is likely that he will search on Google “Affiliate network in COUNTRY NAME” or “BRAND NAME Affiliate Program”. So you have to be on Google either through SEO or Paid search. You should have pages built in your website for affiliate programs for search engine visibility if you want free traffic.

2. Affiliate Marketing Forums

Since affiliates are active on forums you may not want to miss that place. You can place your banners as this will be highly convertible, though it is a paid one. I have mentioned some such forums above so please follow that however this is not it is limited to. You can find some more such affiliate forums where you can find really good affiliates.

3. Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Find out blogs on affiliate marketing and tie up with them to review about your affiliate network or affiliate program. This could be paid or free as well. You could also offer referral commission of percentage of affiliates joining your program earns.

4. How to Make Money Blogs

Though this won’t get you potential affiliates however will find you newbie who are willing to enter affiliate market. It may be similar to the ones mentioned just above. You can request a review of your program/affiliate network.

5. Affiliate Programs Aggregators

There are quite a few websites which offer to register yourself and list your programs on their website.,, are some of these websites where you can register yourself and list your program/programs. They offer free as well as paid subscription with paid one offering higher visibility. Many affiliates do visit these websites to find out affiliate programs.

6. Affiliate Marketing Course Websites

It is quite obvious people who are looking for affiliate marketing courses are the ones who are willing to (most likely) enter into affiliate marketing as their profession so it makes sense to get in touch with such websites as well.

7. Affiliate Marketing Coaches 

There are quite a few affiliate coaches/trainer who train you for affiliate marketing. You may get in touch with such people as they can promote your program/affiliate network among their students base. 

Others – Running Affiliate Referral Program

You can also look at starting your referral program so that any affiliate who refers another affiliate gets a part of commission whatever referred affiliate earns.

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