How to Start a Coupon or a Deal Website?


Sub: How to Start a Coupon Website?

Coupon affiliates are one of the top type of categories which make the biggest pie in affiliate marketing. In the last post I discussed about how coupon websites earn money. You know the earning potential of coupon websites now & you may think of starting a coupon website. Is that right? Alright, if I were at your place I would have also through the same however it is not that much easy to earn money from coupon website or for that matter any online business as the most critical part of the affiliate marketing is traffic on your website. If you have traffic on your website then you are killing in the market. We will be discussing that part later in coming posts.

I have no intention of demotivating you but to make you clear of the real situation so that you don’t have false hopes. This is difficult but not impossible at all as the affiliates who are earning now also started at zero point sometime in the past & with dedication, hard work, knowledge they are at the stage of earning money without much of efforts.

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Now let’s discuss the topic of the post.

How to Start a Coupon Website or a Deal Website?

I am considering that you have below setup with you before I move ahead.

  • You have a domain
  • Hosting is setup

If you don’t have these setup then you may like to have a look at below.

If you already have this setup then you need to follow steps below. There can be below options available for you to start a coupon website.

  1. WordPress Blog
  2. Blogspot Blog
  3. If you are not looking to start with a blog then you can opt for a website as well

Let’s discuss all above options in details below:

  1. WordPress Coupon Themes:

    If you are using wordpress then there are lot of options available for you to start a coupon website. There are lots of WordPress templates or themes available for creating a Coupon website. All you will need is to just install the wordpress theme and you are set to start a coupon website based on wordpress. Let’s have a look at the various coupon themes available for WordPress below:

  • CouponPress Coupon Themes by PremiumPress:

    Premium press provides a wide variety of coupon themes. You can buy coupon theme for USD 79. Please follow the link below to have look at the themes available: 

    • CouponPress WordPress Coupon Theme 1

    • wordpress-coupon-theme1

      CouponPress WordPress Coupon Theme 2



Check All WordPress Coupon Themes by PremiumPress 

  • Clipper WordPress Coupon Theme


  • Couponer WordPress Coupon Theme


  • Couponize WordPress Coupon Theme


  • Couponhut WordPress Coupon Theme


  •  CouponXL WordPress Coupon Theme


  • CouponXxL WordPress Theme


  1. Blogspot Coupon Themes:

    there are very limited options available for Blogger or blogspot platform as there is very less customization available for Blogspot however you have the advantage of not having the hosting for blogspot so if you are running tight on budget then you should for Blogspot however I will suggest you to go for WordPress as there are lot of functionalities available as well as plugins for wordpress. You may want to check Compare BlogSpot Vs WordPress 

Let’s see what coupon themes available are for Blogspot? 

  • Couponism Coupon Theme for Blogspot

 Note: Please note that you won’t be able to update coupons as per stores in this template. Every coupon will appear as a new post. 

  1. Using 3rd Party Script or Hiring a Freelancer

If you are OK spending some money then you may go for customized option & you can get it developed from freelancer or buy scripts as well whichever you find suitable with. If you are looking to buy some script option then you may check, wherein you can find script with below features: 

CouponPhp Features: check below their various features which may be of interest to you. One of the most beautiful features of their script is their CouponFeed which allow you to update the coupons/deals on the website without any manual intervention. Please have a look at their complete features details:

Beautiful and feature rich Front-End

couponPHP’s Front-End is designed to be quick, secure, feature rich, mobile friendly and of course beautiful.

  • 3 different commenting systems (native, Facebook, Disqus).
  • Subscription system and daily newsletter with the latest coupons from the user’s favorite stores.
  • Facebook and Twitter connect integration.
  • Full set of social share buttons.
  • Fully customizable default template (change colors, logo, background image, etc.).
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Separated template files so it is easy to modify.
  • Separated language files so it is easy to localize.

Automatic Coupons and Deals with couponFeed

Adding Coupons and Deals manually can be time consuming. When we first started working on the development of couponPHP our number one goal was to make the content generation process as effortless as possible. We are proud to say we succeeded. With couponFeed adding new Coupons and Deals is completely automatic

  • Fetch new content automatically with the couponFeed cronjob.
  • Fetch all the latest Coupons and Deals for a given store with one single click.
  • Fetch store information by entering it’s domain.
  • Fully integrated iCodes US and iCodes UK feeds. Fetch coupons from iCodes automaticaly
  • Import coupons via CSV upload

Powerful SEO

SEO is a tough nut to crack but couponPHP provides you with the tools to help you be as successful as possible with it. Setting up URL routes and meta information has never been this easy.

  • Edit URL routes right from the admin area. Using unique, keyword rich URLs will help you rank better.
  • Set up general rules for meta tags like title, keywords and descriptions for all the different kind of sub pages.
  • You can add special SEO rules for individual stores. This way you can make a store truly stand out.
  • The script is completely social media ready. It renders the needed Open Graph tags so your site will look good when your users share it on social sites.

Built-in Reporting

We believe Google Analytics is the best tool to analyze your traffic so we decided to integrate it right into the core of the script. You can run reports on referring sites, traffic sources, keywords and much more right from your Admin’s area.

  • Fully featured Dashboard with Google Analytics visitor graph, latest users, best performing coupons and deals.
  • Visitor statistics with segmented stats of referring mediums.
  • Outgoing clicks reporting.
  • Referring keywords statistics.
  • Referring site statistics.
  • Coupon and Deal views / clicks / favorites / comments / subscribers stats.

What is the Pricing?

They have various plans basis the various features. Please have a look below at their various plans.


I hope you liked the features. I have not used it personally however I would like to hear feedback from you so that other users may also benefits from the same. Though it looks promising to me as the cost you are paying for features you are getting is a great deal. Click the link to Order the Script.

What is Next Step? You have the website ready then what are next steps to follow?

You will need to have the coupons/deals to update the websites where will you get the same? Please check my last post where I have discussed the same about how do coupon affiliates get coupons/deals.

Apart from this you have the option of getting the coupon feeds using the 3rd parties such as I came across their website while I was doing research, they do provide solutions to update coupons using APIs for wordpress. You can have a look at the same here.