How to Transfer Domain from One Registrar to Another Registrar?


You may have purchased a domain from somewhere & you are willing to transfer it to somewhere else. The reason could be either you may be willing to have all domains at one place or it could be that you have hosting at one place & domain at other place or may be that you have purchased a domain recently which was not available at other registrar & you are willing to transfer it to place where you have other domains registered or you have hosting there. You may be wondering as How to transfer domain from one registrar to another one.

Recently I purchased a domain ( which was available with, I had this domain earlier with me however due to some goof up it was expired & got out of my hands. This domain was purchased by which is a reseller company & sells domains which are already registered somewhere else & acquire them whenever it is expired. This domain of my own costed me USD 600 but I ad to purchase this so I went on to purchase the same.

I had the domain so I wanted to purchase as I wanted to make global presence of my blog. My earlier domain is with Godaddy so I wanted to move the new domain ( to Godaddyso that I can manage it from one place & al my domains remain at one place. So let’s talk about how I went about transferring my domain from to Godaddy.

How I Transferred Domain from NamesBright to Godaddy

While the basic process of transferring the domain remains almost the same however it may vary a little from one company to another. Here is what I followed to transfer domain from Namesbright to Goodaddy.

  1. I called up the godaddy customer care team & asked them as how to transfer the domain. They asked me the domain name and they added it under transfers and asked me to make a payment for transfer (it was around $9).
  2. I made the payment and then under transfer tab [under domain tab] the domain was reflecting
  3. I clicked on Manage button where it asked me about transaction ID & security code which was sent to my email ID
  4. I entered the security ID & transaction ID and then it asked me about the authorization code which I had to get from
  5. I logged into panel & there I got the authorization code under transfer domain section.
  6. I entered that code onto Godaddy panel and the domain status was under processing domain transfer.
  7. Then I checked into Namebright login panel, it was showing domain transfer pending approval
  8. There was an option of approving the domain transfer & I just checked that option & clicked on approve domain transfer
  9. So the domain transfer from one registrar to another was done J.


Domain transfer process may vary from one company to another however the basic process remains the same. It requires authentication at both the ends (where you have purchased domain & where you want to transfer domain). Once that is done you are done with the domain transfer.


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