Getting Started With Mobile Affiliate Marketing Guide.


If you are new to Mobile Affiliate Marketing or have a little knowledge about the same, then this post is for you. Mobile affiliate marketing is different from traditional affiliate marketing in the sense that it has different product lines and different offers & offers are also promoted in different ways which are completely different from the traditional affiliate marketing.

If you are a beginner & looking to getting started with mobile affiliate marketing then you will have to know below things. Let me summarize below for you as what we will be talking about in the post to follow.

  1. What is mobile affiliate marketing?
  2. What are the offers types available in Mobile Affiliate Marketing?
  3. Where to pick the offers from?
  4. How to Pick Mobile Offers?
  5. How are these Offers Promoted?

Let’s detail out on these further:

  1. What is mobile affiliate marketing?

Mobile affiliate marketing is nothing but it is a form of affiliate marketing where the promotional channel or medium is mobile. Affiliates are paid only on when there is an action done. This action can be an app install, subscription to a service, lead form completion or a sale.

  1. What are the offers types available in mobile affiliate marketing?

There are a lot of types available in mobile marketing industry. As an affiliate you will have choose your niche or a category & then start working on promoting the offers. Below are the types of offers available.


app install offers pay when there has been an app installed in the user’s mobile. Affiliates get paid only when user has installed app & used it for the 1st time. There may be further criterion added to it such as user who installs app should register as well then only you will be paid. Or a user should visit pages or make search or purchase something. These offers are available for both iOS as well as Android.

Below are the major categories of app installs which are available in the market.

  • Games: this is one of the biggest categories in App Install market. You will find a great no. of offers available for Games. These offers are easy to convert as well. Payouts for games are generally on the higher side however quality of the user also matters. The higher the quality of the user downloading the app the more will be the payout you get. Such offers convert on banners or pop inventory with pre landers (may convert on direct linking as well).
  • Utility: any sort of app which is daily use or which is a utility such as cab booking, Food Ordering, Anti-Virus, Battery Boosters etc. These types of offers have lowers payouts however the conversion rate is on the higher side & the target market is also huge so these offers are easy to convert & scale. Such offers are available for multiple countries. Examples of such offers are CleanMaster, UC Web Browser etc. These offers do convert on pop inventory with a pre-lander.
  • Ecommerce: all shopping websites such as amazon, ebay, ebooker, expedia, etc come under this category. These offers are little difficult to convert as these come with high KPIs (key performance indicators). Only popular brands do convert well. Most of the offers convert on pop inventory.
  • Dating: such offers are also well convertible as dating has always been a hot category. Dating offers do have decent payouts and they convert well with landing pages. 


Mobile subscription offers are also called pin submit offers. Most of the offers are generally carrier specific which means offer is specific for a particular mobile carrier connection [e.g. Vodafone, airtel, etc.]. Such offers can’t be promoted on wi-fi connection. Some of the offers are not specific to carrier so it can be promoted over wi-fi connection as well.

Based on the flow type of the offer, offers can be divided as under:

Based on Flow

Direct Billing Flow Some carriers are able to recognize the MSISDN (the mobile number which identifies the mobile user) automatically, and the billing is made directly from the mobile balance. This flow is usually associated with the 3G connection, but it is always determined by the billing system of the carrier.


  • SOI (Single Opt-in) or MSISDN Offers: such offers do convert in a single click on the landing page. User clicks on the banner and go to the landing page where user has to click on a button to subscribe for service. Once user clicks on the button user is subscribed to services & money is deducted or added in the bill of the month. Such offers are easy to convert due to less no. of steps involved. However the payout is also on the lower side. These types of offers convert well on adult inventory on pop ups.
  • DOI (Double Opt-in): such offers do convert in two steps post landing on the landing page. User clicks on the banner and go to the landing page where user has to click on a button to subscribe for service. Once user clicks on the button, an SMS with a link is sent to the user’s mobile. Once the user clicks the link user is subscribed to services & money is deducted or added in the bill of the month. Such offers are little difficult to convert as compared to SOI offers, due to more no. of steps involved. However the payout for such offers is on the higher side. These types of offers convert well on banners/pop up with a pre-lander.

SMS Billing Flow: here the user needs to insert the mobile number on the landing page as it is not automatically identified. This flow is normally used where the user is connected through wifi instead of mobile data connection.

In such billing flow, some operators require the user to send a message to a specific number (Mobile Originated or MO). User clicks on a banner & goes to Landing Page where he needs to enter his mobile number and click submit. After which an SMS is received with instruction to send an SMS to a particular mobile number. Once the SMS is sent, user is subscribed to the service.

mo-flowOr the user receives a pin code by SMS which he needs enter the landing page (Mobile Terminated or MT). User clicks on a banner & goes to Landing Page where he needs to enter his mobile number and click submit. After which an SMS is received with PIN number which he needs to enter on the landing page & the user is subscribed to the service.


Based on vertical

  • Adult: such offers do have adult content and these are obvious to convert better than any other category. However these offers are hit & miss. They may convert sometimes & may not convert at other times.
  • Games: Such offers do have mobile games which user can subscribe to. Such types of offers do come next to adult in terms of conversions.
  • Content: content can be anything such as ring tones, music download, video download, wallpaper download etc.
  • Utility: Anti-virus is majorly the offer in such type programs. Since anti-virus is downloaded by many users do it is also one of the top categories to convert.antivirus-mobile-marketing
  • Dating: dating is a all time hit category however competition in this category is also very high.
  • Sweepstakes: this category is comparable to the adult category in terms of conversions. These are most convertible offers and good to start with if you are a beginner. Such offers do provide a freebie or win an iphone/ipad type stuff. Please see below and example.






These offers are same as the web version of the offers wherein the user has to fill in a form. On completion of the form the conversion is considered as completed and affiliate gets paid for the lead. Such types of offers do generally convert well on emailers or Facebook with a pre-lander.



PAY PER CALL OFFERS:pay-per-call

such offers do pay when a user has made a call to a particular no. provided by the advertiser. The payout varies depending upon the duration of the call. The longer the conversation the higher the payouts will be. Such type of offers includes insurance, loans, other services where user has to make an inquiry. These types of offers do convert well on Google, Pop up (with a lander), Facebook with a lander.



Such type of offers generally require the user to make a payment using credit card. These types of offers don’t convert well so it is advisable to not to promote these types of offers.

  1. Where to pick mobile offers from?

By now you will have a fair idea as what kinds of offers are available in the mobile affiliate marketing industry. Now comes the question, where do you pick these offers from. So there are a lot of mobile affiliate networks available in the market depending on the GEO you are interested in however the most popular ones are as under:

  • MundoMedia – They are quite big & have offers for all almost all Geos.
  • NeverBlue (Now GlobalWideMedia) – They are also quite big have offers for almost all Geos
  • BillyMobile – Majorly for Europe however have other countries as well 
  • Some other mobile affiliate networks
  • Mobidea – All Geos
  • Addiliate – Majorly for Europe
  • Kimia – All Geos

My suggestion: start with only 1 or 2 networks as you will get plenty of offers from them to start. If you rush into signing up with more than 2 then you may be confused so keep things simple for yourself.

  1. How to Pick Mobile offers?

    • Asking from your account manager:
    • Manual Spying: this is only possible if the offer is not carrier specific or you should have a mobile no. of that particular country/carrier which is impossible L. In case you want to do manual spying you will need to check the top websites (download stuff or porn websites) of the country & then connecting to internet using HMA tool (Proxy tool – used to connect in any country). Once you are connected to the particular country then you will need open the websites one by one and see what ads (banner/pop ups etc.) show up. You will get to see the URL path as well or you can see the history as what all URLs have been fired in the browser to check what offer & where it is picked from.
    • Spying Using Tools (only possible for non carrier offers): There are some tools available in the market such as This tool shows a great insight on offers, Landing pages, network wise, country wise, carrier wise etc. I will be covering more details on this in my coming posts. 
  1. How to Promote Mobile Offers?

This is definitely you would want to check as how you can promote these offers. Since I have covered a lot already in this post. I have included this in my next post as as this is a separate topic altogether. Please follow the link below to check How to Promote Mobile Offers?