My Journey So Far – In Affiliate Marketing


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My Journey So Far in Affiliate Marketing

I will be writing about what I have achieved till now in my journey of affiliate marketing. The purpose of this post is not to impress you or make you believe what I am writing is true, but to give you a boost or to motivate you as how much can be achieved if you follow or work on affiliate marketing with your full heart.

I started my career in affiliate marketing with DGM India (the very 1st affiliate network in India) in 2006 as an Executive – Tech Integration where my profile was to assist the client team with technical integration to take the campaign live.  I worked there for 1 year and then moved to a new affiliate network called (later named to TrooTrac). I was one of the founding team members and worked there for 3 years as affiliate manager.

Then I moved to OMG India (Named as Optmise Media later) where I worked for 4 years and left in the year of 2015 as Affiliates Head.

Since I have worked in affiliates networks for more than 9 years so it has given me opportunity to see affiliate marketing industry very closely and how it has shaped up from a nascent stage to a matured state and how affiliates have turned from zero to million (INR) a month in earning.

Apart from my job I was working as an affiliate as well as my part time business. I started my journey as an affiliate in the year of 2008. The first blog I wrote was on affiliate marketing however could not continue due to some issues. Parallely, I started another blog which was on music and I has started earning around 15K from the same blog within 3 months of starting it. But later due to time issues and job I could not continue the same and it went down and was hacked by someone and I had to pull it off.

I did not do anything until 2013 and started my website for coupons along with media buying activities and since then I have earned close to about USD 2.3 million in affiliate marketing as profit. Although I won’t be sharing the full details of my earning however just to give you a glimpse of my earnings please see the screen grab below. This is a screen grab from one of the affiliate networks publisher’s login.


I quit my job in the year 2015 and started my own ventures as mentioned in 1st blog post as well Rovers Digital Media ( & Apps Rovers ( So now I am full time affiliate marketer as well as an entrepreneur [feels good to say that :)].

Conclusion: The purpose of posting all this was just to assure you that it is very much possible to earn money in affiliate marketing however it is upto you as how you take this & how you perform in this field. If you take this with your full heart & dedication you can make it working for you & you wont have to look back again.

I will be here to help you to take you to the next level from where you are, right now.

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