What is Pay per View Marketing or PPV Marketing?


In one of my earlier posts I had mentioned about Pay per View Marketing or PPV Marketing, where I talked about this as one of the methods affiliate promote various affiliate programs. If you have not gone through the post please follow the link below.

I did mention of the PPV marketing however did not elaborate on the same as what exactly is PPV marketing or PPV traffic or PPV advertising? Let’s talk about the same in details below.

What is PPV Marketing or Pay per View Marketing?

PPV traffic is known as adware traffic, an adware is installed in the user’s computer with the consent of the user whenever he downloads something (may be a game or any software). So in order to download the free stuff user agrees for installing an adware in his/her PC where the adware shows various ads based on the user’s behavior (no necessarily but most likely).

PPV traffic is also called as contextual advertising.

How does PPV Marketing Work?


As explained above an adware is installed in the user’s PC which shows ads based on user’s behavior. For example, if you have such an adware installed in your PC and you are searching for may be shoes so you may get to see an ad related to shoes or may be your are browsing a website say www.xyz.com & you will get to see an ad related to www.xyz.com (this will be a popup or popunder ad). This is called PPV advertising or PPV traffic or PPV marketing. In the screen shot above user has browsed amazon website & a popup is also shown to the user who has adware installed. The advertiser (who is buying traffic from PPV network) has bid on amazon keyword or URL which is why user is getting to see this pop up.

Using PPV marketing you can target a keyword or a website URL as well.

Where do you buy PPV Traffic?

ppv-traffic-sources-networksThere are specialized PPV traffic networks wherein you can register yourself as an advertiser and you can start advertising yourself. These are the self serve platforms so you don’t need any account manager or anyone who will manage it for you. Some of the popular PPV traffic networks are as under:

  • TrafficVance
  • LeadImpact
  • 50onRed
  • Mediatraffic
  • DirectCPV
  • Adonnetwork

Most of these PPV networks are specific to US market only however TrafficVance do provide traffic in some of the European countries as well as India & Singapore. However nowadays they are more focused on US market only. 50ONRed do have traffic in almost all the countries.

What Types of Offers do work on PPV Traffic?

You can promote although any sort of campaign on PPV network however generally below are the most popular offers categories which work.

  • Dating (with Landing page)
  • Weightloss (with landing page)
  • PayDay Loans (with landing page)
  • Ecommerce (popular brands only without landing page)
  • Sweepstakes
  • Surveys

Is PPV Traffic Legitimate?

This is really a controversial topic as some consider it as legitimate whereas many do not. It all depends on how you promote the offer, if you are promoting an offer which is directly linked to the advertiser’s landing page & you are targeting brand keywords then it is not legitimate however if you are sending traffic your website and then forwarding traffic to advertisers it won’t have any issues. Having said that, if the adware is installed without the user’s consent, it will be considered as illegal or unethical.

My Take: As long as you are using your own landing page you are completely safe. However when you are direct linking the offer you will have to be very selective promoting offers with PPV as you may be rejected by some of the affiliate networks as they don’t allow such traffic but many affiliate networks do allow such traffic. So you have to first cross check with the affiliate network before going ahead with this. Or you should know the ways to work around the same (I will be discussing about the same in my coming posts).


PPV advertising is one of the powerful methods to earn money online using affiliate marketing. All you will need is some experimenting with offers and go ahead from there. Many of the affiliates have gone from zero to millions with PPV advertising including me J. I will talk on PPV advertising more in details in coming posts.

You will obviously like to know how you can make money with PPV advertising. I am keeping this for my next post to come so please stay tuned.