Top Best PPV Traffic Sources


You are looking for PPV traffic sources? OK. You have come to the right place here. I shared earlier a comprehensive list of traffic sources where I covered PPV traffic as well, however I will be covering that separately as well. Before we go ahead with the list PPV traffic sources I would like to mention as what PPV traffic is & how you can you make money out of that. You may be wondering that I have earned till now from PPV traffic sources only and still earning.

What is PPV traffic?

PPV is also known as pay per view or toolbar traffic which is allowed by some of the affiliate networks while others don’t allow such traffic. You can target a use based on their browsing behaviour e.g. people searching for hotels or flights or anything for that matter. You can set the list of keywords you wish to target. So whenever someone searches for anything and you have placed a bid for that search then your landing page or a pop up will show up to the user. This is how PPV traffic works.

How you can make money from PPV?

I shared that earlier in one of my posts so I would suggest you to go through the post below for further reading on the same.

List of PPV Traffic Sources

1. TrafficVance (is now PropeMedia)

TrafficVance is one of the best PPV traffic sources when it comes to quality however they have restriction in GEOs, you can only target certain countries such as US, Spain, Germany, France etc.. They have very high quality traffic available with them. Their initial deposit starts from USD 1000 and you need to have a good approach in order to get approved with them. They have targeting based on keywords as well as URLs. They have display traffic available as well. It is not very easy to get approved with them.

Tip to get approved with you need to have a good approach in sense that you need to behave as if you are a big player in the market & you are working with other players as well so you would like to try out with them as well.

2. 50onRed

50OnRed is also one of the great PPV traffic sources and is very good when it comes to quality. They have initial deposit amount of USD 500. They have intext, pop ups as well as display inventory available all across the globe so you can target any country you wish to apart from that you can target city as well in a country which is a plus point with With 50OnRed you can even target keywords as well as URL. If you are willing to start with 50onRed I will give a go ahead from my side.

3. MediaTraffic

MediaTraffic is also a decent PPC traffic source & you can target drive targeted traffic from USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia. Other popular countries include: Spain, Italy, Brazil, New Zealand, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland & Russia. You can create Highly Targeted campaigns to drive relevant traffic to your site. Use Broad Targeted campaigns to drive relevant traffic and volume to your site.Use RON campaigns to drive volume to sites with mass appeal. Offers are shown in a large browser window which stands out from your competitors. Efficient CPV bidding platform starting at $0.015 USD or $15 CPM USD. Media Traffic operates on a bidding platform allowing advertisers to control the volume they receive by their bid price. There are 3 bidding platforms to choose from: CPV, Category and RON.

4. DirectCPV

DirectCPV is also a decent PPV traffic source, you can set the campaign basis on the keyword targeting as well as URL targeting. Their minimum bids start from 0.015 USD. They have a minimum deposit of USD 100, which is very low so you can start with them very easily. The quality of traffic is not very great however it is decent one. With Direct CPV you can set campaigns basis on Keyword, Category as well as run on network.