How to Promote Mobile Subscription Offers or App Install Offers?


This post is continuation to my last post Getting Started with Mobile Affiliate Marketing. If you have not gone through the post, I would suggest you to please go through the post so that you are clear on what I am talking about here in this post. I will be discussing about How to Promote Mobile Subscription Offers or App Install Offers in details. Just to summarize what I talked about in my previous post:

  1. What is mobile affiliate marketing?
  2. What are the offers types available in Mobile Affiliate Marketing?
  3. Where to pick the offers from?
  4. How to Pick Mobile Offers?
  5. How to Promote Mobile Subscription Offers or App Install Offers?

I discussed only first four points in my last post so I will be focusing on 5th point “How to Promote mobile subscription offers or App install offers” in detail in this post.

Before you start promoting any mobile pin submit or app installs offer, below are some of the basic requirements you will need to have.

  1. Money:

When you are looking to promote Mobile Pin Submit (Subscription) offers or App Installs offers, this is the 1st thing you would need as without it you won’t be able to test or run any mobile campaign. So how much money will you need in order to getting started? Well there is no limit to it as there are people who spend USD 1000 a day & even more than that.

If you are thinking of starting it with USD 100 or 200 then that is not a place for you or if you are scared of losing it then also you should not enter in this market.

You should at-least start with USD 1000 or USD 500 so that you can be in position to try few campaigns to test. If you have more money then it is much better. I will suggest you to start once you have atleast USD 1000 to spend.

  1. A Dedicated server or a VPS:

This is not a an optional thing however must have, if you can’t afford to have dedicated server you can go with VPS which will cost you USD 20 to USD 50 a month depending on company to company.

Why is VPS required? since you will be running landing pages which may have images/scripts or other files which are part of your landing pages so it becomes very important for you to have them download faster especially on mobile. If your pages load slower then you are likely to lose your money. On a shared hosting it is very likely that you will have very limited bandwidth which may cause your page to download slower & hence kill your profits.

Suggested VPS Options: some of the suggested options for affiliates are,, [these are little costlier USD 50/month so if you can afford you should go for it].,, are good & cheap options available.

  1. CDN (Content Delivery Network):

Although this is not must however if you really serious about making money (4-5 figures) then you must consider this as well. 

What is CDN? CDN is a short name of content delivery network. Imagine a scenario where in you have your landing page files hosted in a country (say India) & you are promoting the campaign in the US. Both these countries are too far in distance & hence opening a page (which is hosted in India) in the US will be little slower due to latency issue. Page which should download in 1 sec may open in 2 sec. This latency issue may kill your ROI and you may lose or may not earn as much as you could.

In order to overcome such issues CDNs come into picture, CDN is a network of hosted servers space spread across world and your files are hosted on a cloud and serves files from the nearest node available to the country. This improves the overall page speed and improves your ROI as well as you will record more clicks & more impressions than you would have captured without the use of CDN.

What CDN to Choose? There are few options available which you can pick up from. Akamai CDN, MaxCDN, Amazon, Cloudflare etc. I personally use MaxCDN.

  1. Mobile Offers or Mobile CPA Networks:

Although I discussed the same in my last post as well however just to complete this post I am re-mentioning it here.There are a lot of mobile affiliate networks available some of them are listed below:

  • NeverBlue (now GlobalwideMedia)

All of the above networks have plenty of offers specific to mobile only.

Where or who to start with? although all of the above networks are good in terms of offers as well payment terms but few things which you will need to consider as to who to start with:

  • Payment terms: should be lowest. Since you will be staring on a low budget and you would want the money earned to be deposited in your account soon so that you can manage your cash flow. Some networks pay in 30 days time post month end & some do in 45 days or 60 days. Some even pay weekly as well however they pay only to few selected affiliates.
  • of offers: a network should have plenty of offers to choose from one category to other. Clickdealer, NeverBlue & Mundomedia have the widest range of offers from antivirus to app install to sweepstakes etc.
  • Offer Payouts: it is quite possible that one offer is available on multiple networks so in such a case you should pick offers where you have maximum payouts. 
  1. Mobile Traffic Tracker:

When it comes to being successful in mobile affiliate marketing tracking is one of the most crucial parts of the whole scheme of things. As it gives you the ability to track everything which are essentials for optimizing the campaign & drill down data to make some sense out of that. Although networks do have their own tracking in place but imagine a scenario you running 100 of campaigns from 10 different networks or one campaign running on multiple traffic sources. You will have to login to each of the networks and fetch data to collate that to calculate profitability. Hence it becomes useful to have a 3rd party tracker in place. 

Suggested Read - Best Mobile Affiliate Trackers

Advantages of Using a Tracker:

  • You can track performance
  • You can get all data at one place so you don’t have to login to multiple accounts
  • Gives you data which you can use to optimize the campaign
  • Automate your process of reporting
  • Saves time
  • Provides details which affiliate networks reporting does not provide you
  • You can use cloaking methods with tracker in order to hide yourself as where you are running the campaign & hence save your traffic sources being stolen from.
Suggested Read - List of Affiliate Tracking Softwares

What Trackers are available? There are a lot of trackers available in the market. I am mentioning all of them below in priority/popularity order

  • (most advanced & tracks more clicks. Little costlier: USD 99 a month)
  • (very advanced & tracks less clicks as compared to thrive. USD 79 a month)
  • (did not use it but many affiliates use it. it is self hosted with USD 179 a month)
  • (did not use it but many affiliates use it. starting range free and then cost increases basis click volume)
  • (this is quite new and have used it once and then quit as no. of clicks tracking were quite less than tracking on a network) wont suggest this one.

My Suggestion:  Thrive or Voluum

  1. Mobile Traffic Sources (or Mobile Ad Networks)

This is one of the most critical parts of the game as this is where you will be running your offers on. There are a lot of mobile traffic sources available and some of these may work well for one vertical & may not work for other vertical. So depending upon the offer you will have to choose the type of traffic or ad network. Below are some of the sources listed and what may work on these (this is just indicative).

Display Mobile Traffic Sources

  • Airpush
  • Leadbolt
  • Decisive
  • Millenial Media (RTB)
  • PocketMath (RTB)
  • Go2Mobi (RTB)
  • Inmobi
  • Google Display (very stringent on creative approval – try only higher payout offers with clean creatives)

Tip: do not try lower payout offers on display as it will not yield any positive ROI.

What works on display?

  • High payout offers in gaming (CPI offers)
  • Mobile Pin Submit offers (both MT as well as MO): You may direct link the offers in display or try out with LP as well. In my experience both may work for lower payouts you can direct link however for higher payout offers you should use landing page.

PopUp Mobile Traffic Sources

  • Adult
    • Exoclick
    • TrafficFactory
    • JuicyAds
    • Ero-Advertising
    • Popads
    • Popcash
    • Zeropark
    • TrafficForce
    • 50onred

What works on Adult? Antivirus/Battery Booster offers with Landing Page. PinSubmit adult offers with or without landing page. Dating offers (CPL or CPI) with Landing Page. Sweepstakes offers with or without landing page (better with landing page).

Note: some of these sources have display inventory as well so you can try Pin Submit offers on display as well.  

  • Non-Adult
    • Airpush
    • Adcash
    • Popads
    • Popcash
    • Wwwpromoter
    • Terraclicks
    • com
    • Zeropark
    • 50onred
    • Mobicow

What works on Non Adult Inventory? Mobile CPI offers (hit & try) without landing page, AntiVirus with landing page, Sweepstakes offers with landing page.


By now you should be able to set an offer and test it. You would now know How to Promote Mobile Subscription or Pin Submit Offers or App Install Offers. Just to summarize the whole post;  you need to pick 2-3 offers pertaining to one vertical (be it sweepstakes, antivirus, Gaming Dating, Pin Submit etc.) from any of the mobile affiliate networks listed above. Set these offers up on tracker first with a landing page (unless you not running CPI, you can direct link CPI offers). Set up a VPS hosting account where you will host all your files used in landing page. Deposit money in any of the traffic sources listed above. I would suggest you to pick adcash/Popads/Mobicow/Zeropark for CPI (direct linking) & Exoclick/Ero-advertising/popads for pin submit offers (on banners as well as pop up).

Best of Luck to you Guys. Let me know in comments if you like my help anywhere here.

Look forward to hearing from my dear users :).


    • it depends on the kind of offer you are promoting…for antivirus offers LP is need to infact.. try with both options…and test it out what works best…to start with you can try Direct….if it converts then you can try with LP as well