Starting a Blog, What to Blog About – Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 4?


By now you would have a fair idea as how you can get started with affiliate marketing. You now know:

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What to Blog About?

If you are looking to start a blog then you may be thinking as what to blog about? Let’s analyze this as what are the possibilities & how we can cut that short to limited options.

  1. Write Down what all you know?

    You will need to introspect as what all you know where you can write something about. Write down the categories you feel you have interests in. e.g. Music, Movies, Politics, Cricket, Football, Coding, Designing, Fashion, Beauty, technical stuff, Reviews writing, Travel, Recipes, Health, Tutors, Online Coaching etc. There may be many other such topics you can think of. It is always better to think something which is of your interest as it will help improving the value of your blog.

  2. Research:

    It makes sense to write on topics which are more searched than topics which are not searched at all. For all keywords which you have shortlisted or you think you can write on you will need to perform a keyword research to check the volume. For that you will need to sign up with Google Adwords, you can use your gmail ID for the same & you will be asked a website as well. Since you won’t have any website in the starting so you can put any random website. Once you are logged in you need to follow Tools à Keyword Planner à Keyword Search Volume. Please the screen grab below for the same.

Note: while doing keyword research please make sure that you insert all related keywords e.g. if I am thinking to write a blog on Music then I will write keywords such as music, songs, singers, [Famous artists or singers name], concerts,  music shows, competitions, TV show name related to music etc.

If the keyword volume is less than 0.05 million (half a lakh) a day then it does not make much sense to write a blog in that category.

You may look for keywords ideas from the same tool as well.


  1. Check top blogs in that category:

    Once you are done with keyword research you will know whether it makes sense to write on that category or not. The next step would be to look for top blogs in the category. You may try Google for keywords such as Top Blogs in “Category Name”. You can check results which may appear for your searched keywords and get a sense of how & what sort of content they have.

  2. Try to write topics which have Global value:

    Always try to write blog which will have global presence for example it makes sense to write blog on learning English online as such targeting will have global users & you will have more chances of traffic coming on your website/blog.

  3. Checkout for Top earning blogs:

    If you want to get a sense of as what sort of blogs are earning huge then you may try Googling Top Earning Blogs. you may also try the link here. Although this is not a complete list yet you can get a sense of as how much is the earning potential & what sort of blogs are earning.

  4. Write Topics which are expandable:

    by expandable I mean to say that topics which you are writing on should have broader categories so it becomes easy for you to write on multiple things. E.g. in music you have lots of things to write on such as singers, types of music, latest music, latest songs, TV shows, lyrics etc.

  5. Do not Imitate:

    It is not advisable to imitate or copy someone else’s idea or blog. Although there is nothing wrong with that however if you fail to provide any additional value what others are already doing then chances are you will fail for sure. You can have idea from others blogs & do your research & then think for ways to as how you can offer additional value which will attract users. Try to find out the loopholes or gaps which you think you can fulfill. So if you think you will be able to provide better content to the user you should start working on that blog.

So now your homework to starting a blog has been done almost, next thing would be to start the blog. Before that you may also like to check what all could be ideas to write a blog? We will be discussing the same in the next Tutorial.

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