Thrive Tracker Review – One of the Best Affiliate Tracking Softwares


In one of my earlier posts I talked about Voluum review, I am going to talk about Thrive Tracker Review. Thrive tracker is also an affiliate tracking softwares which is widely used after Voluum tracking software. Thrive tracker is one of the best tracking software & is comparable to Voluum. I have been using both the trackers Volumm as well as Thrive & have found both of these to be at par.

If you ask my suggestion as what tracker you should be using, then my take would be to use any of these trackers Voluum or Thrive.

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I will not be talking about what is tracker is & why is it used, if you are willing to know about what a tracker is and what is it used for then I will suggest you to go through the posts below.

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Thrive Tracker Review

In case you were wondering What is Thrive Tracker? Thrive is an ultimate affiliate tracking software which tracks all the information that give you a complete picture of your campaigns at one place. Thrive is run & developed by company called iPyxel which was launched in 2012 as 2-man army. You can:

  • Have all the data at one place
  • Have Visibility of loss as well as profit of campaigns
  • See Traffic source wise performance if you are running a campaign on multiple sources
  • Check profitable creatives
  • Have Rotating banners
  • Rotate or run multiple landers for the same campaign. You can even set the weight of the offer (lander) in percentage so that you run offers or lander in proportion.
  • Check carrier wise/Wi-Fi performance if you are running mobile campaigns
  • Check browser wise performance
  • Check OS wise performance
  • Check device wise performance
  • Day part your campaign basis the campaign profitability
  • Check browser wise performance
  • Check city wise performance
  • Split A/B testing
  • Cloak URLs
  • Filter Boat traffic

Managed or Self Hosted Thrive Tracker

Thrive Tracker comes available as managed as well as self hosted software. What does that mean is that in managed service you don’t have to have a separate hosting plan so they will take care of the hosting at their end. In self hosted you will have install the software at your end & you will have to have your own server.

  • Thrive Cloud Managed Service

This is the ultimate affiliate tracking solution for the serious affiliates who care about having maximum speed, performance, 24/7 monitoring, and a fully distributed system on Thrives Amazon cloud. Each user is provided with their own dedicated resource so that their activities are soloed from other users.This service starts at $299/month.

  • Thrive Self-Hosted Package

Thrive is the ultimate self-hosted mobile and web tracking software for all direct response campaigns and affiliate marketers. The pricing for self host service is $99 which is cheaper than managed but you have take hosting plan as well. You can choose liquidweb or wiredtree  as hosting plans (suggested by Thrive). They have $100 hosting coupon for the same as well.

Managed Vs Self Hosted Managed Thrive Tracker Self Hosted Thrive Tracker
1. The costing is $299 The costing is $99
2. You don’t need a hosting of your own You need to have a hosting for self hosted plan
3. All the data is tracked at Thrive’s server None of the data is tracked at Thrive’s server but your own server
4. This is more secured This depends on your hosting provider
5. More faster This depends on your hosting provider
6. 24/7 support available You will have to wait for the response
7. Less click loss More click loss
8. Can handle upto 3 million + clicks per day Depends on your hosting plan
9. No hassle of installing tracker You will have install it yourself on your server
10. Dedicated resource for your account No dedicated resource

My Take: If you are more concerned about your data protection then you should choose self hosted plan else I will suggest you to go for managed one. I use managed service my self. With regards data protection I don’t think they will be stealing your data as they have their own work to follow rather than checking your data.

SIGNUP for THRIVE Tracker: 30 Days Free Trial

Thrive Tracker Pricing (Self Hosted)

 Requirements for Thrive Self Hosted Service

Thrive is a self-hosted solution, which means it is installed on your own server, so YOU own your own data, not a 3rd party.

Please Watch Video Below to Installs Self Hosted Thrive Tracker


Benefits of using Thrive Tracker

Apart from the benefits listed above in the thrive tracker review, below are some of the benefits that I see.

  • 30 days free trial available for self hosted solution with no credit car requirements. You can cancel this at any point of time with one button click.
  • Globally distributed AWS infrastructure with the fastest redirects anywhere worldwide
  • Less click redirection loss (as per my personal experience) than voluum
  • Actively developed by developers
  • Mostly used by affiliate marketers after Voluum
  • Available as self as well as managed service
  • Active 24/7 support
  • Very easy to use interface
  • Preintegrated with many of the traffic sources so you don’t need to create & integrated separately
  • Available at cheap price
  • Can handle upto 3 million + click volume on daily basis
  • Boat click filter is also available at an extra cost which is worth using as you can knock out the traffic source where the boat traffic is coming from.
  • Better cloaker than Voluum

Cons of Using Thrive Tracker (Volumm Vs Thrive Tracker)

  • You can only have one domain integrated and you have to pay $39 extra for additional domain whereas in Voluum you have multiple domains available @ the same cost.
  • Voluum is managed hosting service where at $99 where as for $99 you have self hosted plan with thrive.
  • You need hosting for hosting your landing pages with Thrive tracker where as in VOluum you don’t need hosting space.

SIGNUP for THRIVE TRACKER: 30 Days Free Trial


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