50+ Top Blogging Ideas to Write Blog On – Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 5.

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I will be talking about the top blogging ideas to write blog on or top topics to write blog on which you can choose from. If you have not gone through my previous post then just to summarize that we have covered below things till now.

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • What are the types of affiliates?
  • What are the different ways you can earn through affiliate marketing?
  • What all you will need to get started?
  • How to choose a category to Start a Blog?

If you have not gone through earlier Tutorials then please follow links below:

What I will be covering in this post?

Although I have written a post on as how to select a category to start a blog yet I would like to share with you various blog categories or topics which you will find interesting & you may choose to start on any of the mentioned below. This is not a complete list however this is what includes almost which can earn you money (Note: having said that, this should never be your aim or motive to write a blog. If you write with a mind to provide some additional value to the user or how to make your users happy then it will automatically convert to money making blog)

Let’s now have a look at the various blog ideas to start with.

  1. Reviews blogs: you can write reviews about various things such as:
    • Movies reviews
    • Mobile phone Reviews
    • Products reviews [cameras etc. or any other electronic items]
    • Laptop reviews
    • Car reviews
    • Colleges reviews
    • Institutes reviews
    • Books reviews
    • App (Android+iOS) Reviews
    • Website reviews
    • News reviews
    • Travel reviews [Flights, Hotels, Locations]
    • Restaurants/Bars/Clubs reviews
    • Food Reviews

You may combine some of the categories from the above list such as Laptop, mobiles, Cameras etc.

  1. Teaching or Coaching Blogs
    • Language training
    • Self improvement
    • Personality development
    • Web designing
    • Web development or Coding
    • Video or animation creation
    • XL sheet or Word Document related blogs
    • Computer Hardware Related Blogs
    • Architecture or interior designing
    • Learning Guitar
    • Learning Music
  1. How to make money blogs
  2. Online marketing
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
    • SMO (Social Media Marketing)
  1. Sports related blogs [write about various matches, top matches, upcoming matches, players etc.]
    • Cricket
    • Football
    • Any other sports you may think of but should have good search volume 
  1. How to Blogs (Such as WikiHow)
  2. Top Videos Blogs [various categories]
  3. Music related blogs
  4. Web Designing blogs
  5. Writing Skills blogs [this may have very limited space though]
  6. News Analysis
  7. Top News Blog
  8. Funny Stuff
  9. Whats App Messages
  10. Fundoo Jokes
  11. Jobs related blogs
  12. Top locations to visit
  13. Education related blogs
    • Institutes
    • Certifications
    • Career counseling
    • Learning “Subject – such Maths etc.”
  1. Customer care Numbers collection
  2. Songs Lyrics Blog
  3. What’s Trending on Social Media
  4. General Knowledge Blog
  5. Competitions Blog
  6. Banking Jobs Blog
  7. Distance between or distance from Blogs
  8. Fashion related blogs
  9. Bank related information such as IFSC, SWIFT Codes etc.
  10. Live concerts Blog
  11. Institutes information blogs [Address, about, reviews etc.]
  12. Colleges informations
  13. Career counseling blogs
  14. Photo collection blog
  15. Technology related blogs
  16. Makeup/Beauty Blogs
  17. Deals blog [various online or offline deals blog]
  18. Coupons/discount blog
  19. Free stuff finder blog
  20. Health/Fitness Blog
  21. Body Building Blog
  22. Effective communication Blogs
  23. Gaming Blogs
  24. Trading Blog
  25. Auto/Car Blogs
  26. Motivation/inspiration blog
  27. Psychology Blog
  28. Daily Experiences of Your Life
  29. Yoga/Ayurveda Blog
  30. Nightlife Blog
  31. Spirituality/meditation
  32. Stress Management
  33. Sexy Stories
  34. Sexy Videos Blog
  35. Comedy Videos
  36. TV Shows

This list is more than enough for you to getting started with Blogging. Now you would have a fair idea or would have a sense of as what are possibilities of blogging on various topics.

We will be discussing next as How to Start A Blog in my next post.

Please stay tuned.