Affiliate marketing Tutorial Part 2 – Type of Affiliates/Publishers?


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In this tutorial I will be covering what are the types of affiliates in the real world who are working with affiliate networks and how do they generate revenue or earn money online.

Broadly, affiliates/publishers can be categorized into below categories depending on their website content or the way they promote:

Types of Affiliates

  • Coupons/Deals Websites:

    Coupons & Deals websites make the biggest pie of affiliate marketing revenue generation. These websites aggregate coupons or deals from various online shopping websites. You will find that affiliates in this category are the top affiliates.

    • How do Coupon Affiliates Earn:These affiliates work on cost of per sale model which means they get paid whenever a sale has been done through their website. There are users who look for coupons or discount while making purchase on an online shopping website. For example, you are making a purchase on Flipkart website however you want some discount on the purchased item, you may look for Flipkart coupons on Google and you will find various websites coming up offering these coupons. You can pick the coupon and use before making the payment on Flipkart website. So when you click on any of the coupons website for coupon it will redirect you to the Flipkart website and show the coupon. Now when you make purchase as complete. The coupon website owner will get a fixed commission for the product you purchased irrespective of coupon worked or not.

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  • Emailer Affiliates:

    e-mailer affiliates have a large amount of database which is collected through either their websites or it can be purchased data. They use the data to send emails (for promotions) to their user base on regular basis. Emailer affiliates generally do CPC or CPL campaigns as CPS campaigns don’t really convert much & hence the ROI does not come as expected. Emailer affiliates keep on filtering their database on regular basis as some of the data may be of no use or some of the emails wont even exist so they need to remove such email ID from their database which help them reduce cost as well as improve ROI. Some of the popular emailer affiliates are AffiliateVia, Lucini&Lucini, ShopatBest etc.

  • Bloggers/Content affiliates:

    These sorts of affiliates don’t really work with typical affiliate networks as they don’t generate much revenue with affiliate networks on CPL or CPS model. Rather they work with ad Networks or Google (use adsense) to earn money. Bloggers are individuals who write on various topics as per their interest. It could be technology blogs, political blog, travel blog, fashion blog or a news sort of blog. Some of the popular blogs who earn more than USD 10L a month are,, etc.

  • Cashback affiliates:

    Cashback affiliates are one of the top categories after coupons affiliate in terms revenue or infact it can be even more than coupon affiliates. Cashback affiliates are affiliates who incentivize their users to shop through their website. They give some commission back to their user in the form of cash. User has to register on their website in order to avail cashback else user does not get any cashback. Every user has to create an account where he/she can see the commission earned. Some of the top cashback affiliates in India are,, , etc.

  • Comparison websites:

    Comparison websites show comparison of products (generally mobile phone or electronic items as comparison b/w cloths is not possible) available on various online shopping websites. E.g. you want to purchase a Samsung mobile phone and you want to check where can get the cheapest price for the same so will visit different websites in order to do that but if you go to comparison website you will be able to see the prices from all major websites at one place so you wont have to visit individual website. Some of the major comparison websites in India are,,

comparison website

  • Product Discovery websites:

    product discovery websites are product aggregation websites which list products (all categories) from various websites and show at one place. For example you want to see a black shirt then you will either go to one website which you know or may be all the websites e.g. Jabong, Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart. Instead of going to multiple websites you can simply visit product discovery website & it will list black shirts from all websites mentioned above. Some of the top websites in this category are, etc.

  • ToolBar Affiliates:

    Toolbar affiliates do not have their websites however they have toolbar meant for browsers which may show you either deal or may be comparison of products for the product you are looking at. For example, you have downloaded a toolbar XYZ in your browser and you visit to buy Reebok shoes. Tool XYZ may show you deals related to reebok shoes on other websites or may be a similar product available on other websites. These toolbar come in variety of forms where some toolbar ask for a explicit permission to be downloaded or you have downloaded the toolbar with an intent whereas some of the toolbars are downloaded automatically without your knowledge. Toolbar affiliates also earn good amount of money if they have good no. of downloads. Some of the toolbars available in the market are, etc. Please see below it live in action.

Toolbar affiliate

  • Media Buying Affiliates:

    media buying affiliates don’t own as such a website however they do buy media from various traffic sources & deliver on CPI, CPL, CPS model. They buy media on cost per click model & optimize to deliver at CPI, CPL or CPS. Some of the traffic sources where affiliates buy media are Google, Facebook, PopUnder/PopUp networks such as,, etc.

  • App Developers or App Owners:

    app developers don’t really work with affiliate networks as they don’t earn much with affiliate networks rather they work with mobile ad networks as they get paid on CPM/CPC model where they have higher earning potential. Some of the app developers do with mobile affiliate networks which are majorly free mobile recharge apps such as Taskbucks, EarnTalkTime, Laddoo, Pokkt all such apps pay their users free mobile recharge in exchange of downloading apps from their list of apps. Such apps fall under incent affiliates category explained further below.

  • Review Websites:

    these websites are specifically meant for reviews where a user can read reviews about various products such a mobiles or camera or a laptop etc. It is quite understandable that person who is reading review about any product is likely to purchase the product in near future either online or may be offline so this intent of user can be exploited by offering the user a deal or probably cheap prices from a particular website. Although this type of category don’t really earn much in comparison to other types mentioned so you will rarely see review website working with an affiliate network rather they like to work with ad networks or brands who pay to write reviews about the product.

Another category of affiliates is basis they incentivize users or not for taking an action.

  • Incent affiliates:

    these types of affiliates give something back to perform an action. This action could be filling up a lead, downloading something, virtual money, mobile recharge etc. e.g. you are downloading an ebook from a website but you may be asked to fill or download something and then only you will be able to download the ebook. Or you may be asked to download or fill something and you get back cash or mobile recharge. There are some mobile applications which give mobile recharge in return if you download an app. Some of the apps are Taskbucks, Pokkt, Cashboss etc. Cashback affiliates are also a type of incent affiliates.

  • Non-Incent affiliates:

    all other affiliates, not offering any sorts of incentive to perform an action are non-incent affiliates.


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