What is Guest Blogging – Getting Started Guide?

guest blogging

If you are new to blogging field, then I would suggest you to please go through below posts. This should help you with starting blog & you will have a fairer idea on this post as what I am talking about.

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If you are wondering what is guest blogging then you have come to the right place as at one time I was also in the same situation as are or may be, now. If you have a blog & you are looking for instant traffic or visits on your blog post then guest blogging is something you should look at. So let’s talk about what the heck is guest blogging all about?

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is nothing but publishing or sharing your content on blog however in this situation the blog is not your’s but someone else’s blog. So you write content and share it on other blogs as a guest author. However, the quality of the content should be rich enough to attract the users of the blog so that they like your content & you can be well known for your knowledge and you can attract those users to your own blog.

But why would someone let your content publish on his/her own blog, wouldn’t that be a mutual competition? In a way that may be right in some context however not always that will be the case as if you are writing something compelling and which adds value to his blog & blog users then the blog owner will definitely allow your content on his blog.

Why Guest Blogging?

You know now what is guest blogging, however it becomes important to you why is guest blogging important to you or your business. You may be thinking now that why you should write content for someone else and how will it add value to you & your blog?

Let me clear this to you, that you have just started in blogging or you don’t have much traffic on your blog at the moment so you can’t wait for the users to find your blog & read it. So your content is waste unless you have traffic on your blog. You will have to have good no. of users on your blog in order to show off your content & make your brand in the market.

Now let’s evaluate the benefits of Guest Blogging.

  1. Acquiring traffic instantly for your blog: when you write a guest blog post it is quite obvious that the blog will have already a user base which will be coming on the blog on regular basis. You can instantly get the attention of those users and you can get traffic diverted to your blog as you will have a link as well when guest blog.
  2. Spreading Awareness about your blog: if you are writing good & compelling content this will automatically bring users to our blog and users will be aware of your blog as well.
  3. Building Authority: when you write good content, users come to know that you are something & you have knowledge so this will auto build your authority in the market.
  4. Free Link to your Blog: it is quite obvious that guest post will have a link back to your blog and hence pushing some link juice to your blog & helps improving your ranking in search engine.
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  1. Important Part of your Marketing Strategy: Guest blogging really is a strong marketing channel if you really know how to do it right way. It can really bring quality users to your product/blog or anything else that you are willing to attract users for.
  2. Free traffic: although not all blogs allow free guest blogging however there are many which allow free guest blogging so you can leverage free traffic by writing good content for your blog.
  3. Free SEO: as highlighted in point 4, this will bring you a legitimate free backlink and that too from relevant content page as well as from an authority website so it will help boost your SEO rankings which are getting at no additional cost.
  4. Life time Value: although the activity of posting a guest post on a blog is one time activity (or may be regular as well) but the results of the same will be life time so you reap the results for lifetime as the post will remain on the blog as long as the blog is there.
  5. Networking with Community of Bloggers: networking is one of the biggest advantages of guest blogging. You get connected with like minded people and you learn from their learnings as well so it is good for your own benefits.

How to Prepare for Guest Blogging?

Set your Marketing Goals 

It is really important for you to prepare for guest blogging as this all depends on your marketing goals you want to achieve out of it. You need to know what you want to achieve e.g.

  • Brand awareness
  • Back Links
  • Traffic to your blog

Once you have set your marketing goals you will need to work accordingly. E.g. you will need to identify blogs which will fit into your marketing goals. If you are looking for branding awareness only then you can’t select blogs which are poor in content or the content is really relevant to your brand. It has to be well reputed blog when it comes to branding activity. I hope you have understood what I am trying to convey here.

Checkout the Blogs where you will guest blog

You can’t just write something and approach for guest blogging, you will need to have a decent amount of knowledge or you will need to research first as

  • What are blogs about?
  • Who are the people who write for blog?
  • What is the type of content or the quality of the content they have on their blog?
  • Whether it is paid or free?
  • Check for other guest posts as you will have some idea as what sort of content is allowed on blog?
  • Checkout your competitions do a check on backlinks of your competitors so you can also grab the place in order to be competitive.
Read Guidelines

It is best to read guidelines before you submit your post or write in for guest blogging. If you follow guidelines it is most likely that you will have fair chances of having your blog post being published.

Choosing the right Subject to Write

It is quite important for you to choose the right subject for your guest blogging as this will be the deciding factor as how many users are attracted towards your blog. So you will need to find out what sort of blog posts are doing well on the blog you can check a tool analysis to check where the traffic to blog is coming from (see similarweb review). Or you can check what posts have been popular on blog by having a look at the users engagement or users comment on the blog.

Read users comments on blog & try to find out the gap what users are demanding for & you have a topic to write for. Sounds good?


Guest blogging is one of the widely used methods by bloggers & marketers for free traffic along with free branding as well. This really can be killing tool or method for your blog if you do it right. It can help you build your brand as well as spread words among the users & community of bloggers & hence resulting in authority.


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